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How to Upgrade Android to the Latest Version (Android 7 Nougat, Marshmallow and Lollipop) on All Mobile and Tablet Models


Welcome to a new Android Basic article. If you're looking to upgrade your mobile phone or tablet to the latest version of Android today, we're going to show you what it's like to "update" and how to do it. You can update this way for any model that has the Android operating system.

Top Car Racing Games for Android


Google Play has a huge catalog of games, whether free or paid, with which you can spend hours and hours of fun. Regardless of the kind of games you like in the apps store, you can find one that appeals you to speed up the search and choose the category that you like the most.

How to Write Content for Email Marketing that Converts

Connecting with customers through email is an art. A good marketing email can be the key that makes the difference so that a decision to purchase by the customer can become “yes I want", so all communications that are made by this channel with customers must be perfectly studied and be executed without failure.

Hacking Wifi Passwords on Android 2017 99% Working!


How to hack Wi-Fi networks, decrypt passwords and skip  security: Learn how to do all this to find out if your Wi-Fi network is vulnerable to attacks, theft of wifi or unwanted connections

How to Block Annoying Third Party Calls and SMS? A Guide for Android. IOS and Windows Phone


Do you often receive calls from an unknown number or the phone are filled with entirely unnecessary SMS? Surely you know the situation.

How to backup Android and keep your data safe


In recent articles, we have talked about the importance of backing up our mobile phones to protect the information we stored in. Because sometimes, by the action of a virus, malicious software or operating system failures, Or simply by accident or neglect, the data of our cell phone may be damaged or even disappear. Thanks to the backups  - we can recover the original information.

How to Recover Files From a Damaged Micro SD Card


It still fascinates me that something as small as an SD card can hide so much memory. All technological achievement, but do not trust us because microSDs are fragile and sometimes they spoil. If that is your case, then we tell you how to recover files from your damaged micro SD.

Can I Retrieve Photos From A Damaged Memory Card?


Memory cards, apart from having no moving parts, are not free from bugs, problems and accidental smudges, which can lead to a nervous breakdown. That is why I have prepared this simple guide so you can retrieve your photos, or at least, for you to try. 

How to Buy the Perfect WordPress Theme from Themeforest


Themeforest is already the biggest market of WordPress templates in the world. Its collection has almost 5000 premium themes, which cover all possible categories and themes for a website, For many, this is the de facto option to buy a WordPress theme and get your project up and running.

How to Get Your first Customers in less than 5 days

Any small business faces a big challenge in its opening days: how to get customers when you do not have a buyers base or nobody knows your brand yet. No matter how innovative or original your product or service is: if consumers do not know you exist, it is impossible for them to be attracted to what you sell.

How to Get Potential Customers?

When we are starting it can be difficult to find our customers, even when we already have a business in progress and we have reached a certain number of customers, sometimes, it can give us the feeling that we are not reaching all the users we could, but how Reach those potential customers?

How to locate your stolen or lost Android (smartphone or tablet)


Do you have an Android smartphone? Have you lost it? Have they stolen you? Discover how to locate your phone from any computer via Android Device Manager and menu settings of your account of Google. It will take you only a few seconds to find it.
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