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7 Ways To Use LinkedIn for Business

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The world of social media is varied and for tastes, colors. While networks like Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus are mostly used for personal purposes, LinkedIn is a network of connections to generate business.
Would you like to receive a steady flow of contacts highly focused and interested in your business?
If I tell you that there is a place on the internet where you spend some of your time each week, these wanted contacts will appear ... It would be fantastic, right?

Fortunately for you, this place exists and is called LinkedIn.
Linkedin is the most powerful business network in the world. Not only that, about 45% of users are business owners or decision makers.
For that reason, it is the place where you should be using most of your time when you want to attract the best contacts and potential customers for your business.

However, like any social network where it is made up of people, LinkedIn has its rules and guidelines that should be used effectively to get results.

Many people join LinkedIn looking to make sales and inevitably fail because to succeed in this network. First, there must be a strong desire and high liability to help people, educate people, connect with people and inspire them

In this opportunity, we will talk about 7 ways to use LinkedIn to do business, which you can implement now to start seeing results:

1. Share Updates of Much Interest

Do not fill your state with impersonal marketing messages without interest. Instead, you could start talking and recommending to people who have impressed you.

Update your status with super interesting information that educates your network. It presents people who have interaction with each other.

You can also start group discussions and participate in other people's discussions.

2. Investigate Your Potential Customers

Do advanced searches based on your ideal client, so that you have a deeper knowledge of who they are. It is very easy to put them the name, it 's all there ... Then follow them and analyzes seeking, they care, they care about.

Ask your customers satisfied and happy with your services, which they recommend. If possible, connect with your new contacts outside of LinkedIn. The face-to-face still remains a very powerful weapon.

3. Create a Highlight Profile

First of all complete and Optimize your LinkedIn profile. An incomplete profile gives the impression to your target market that is careless and unprofessional.

LinkedIn is a multi-channel platform that allows you to add a series of documents to your profile. You can use videos, images, documents in PDF to make your profile more visual and attractive.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile shows who you are and how you can help others.

4. Send Welcome Messages to New Contacts

It will not take you an hour to create a message. Make sure you always send a welcome message to add value, and it will help you build a better relationship.

5. Answer Questions

Start answering questions from people asking for help related to your niche. Take about 20 minutes a day. Give as much information as possible, delivering great value and tries to be an alternative to the person asking the question.

Then send a private follow up a message saying that you would like to connect by phone to give a brief help and see if you can attend other topics.

This strategy can bring you, new customers. Answer questions and you will see the results.

6. Participate in Group Debates

If you have not noticed, it is possible to build a business around LinkedIn Groups. Certain groups have hundreds of thousands of highly-recommended decision makers who are potential customers for your business.

The more attractive share issues, and offer your experience in various conversations, more people will become aware of who you are, who helps, and you have to offer.

7. Make Recommendations

If you know someone who has a good product or service that is giving you good results, be sure to make a "good recommendation."

The more recommendations a person has on his profile, the more people will be interested in buying him. And here comes the "factor of reciprocity"; The more recommendations you give, the more you will receive in return. By helping others get "potential customers," you are also helping them to get more contacts.

Having good recommendations on your profile can be the "push" that someone needs to contact you or not.


When you start using LinkedIn correctly. When you use LinkedIn to GIVE ... that's when business comes. People do business with people who are committed and who bring value.
No matter what your business is, using LinkedIn to do business is the best way to attract contacts, customers, investors, business associates, affiliates and more.

Use 20 minutes each day by applying at least three of these strategies, and you'll be amazed at the results in no time.

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