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Coaching as a Business

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When undertaking in this business does not require a staff or employees, in fact, it is a business thought for you to operate it from your own house with minimum operating costs and without inventories.

It is a real business for the executive who is accustomed to working in the prestigious environment of the business world since you will work with owners, directors, general managers, partners ... Business leaders in your area.
If you have managerial experience, if you are committed to personal and professional growth, and you want to help others reach your individual and business goals, you may qualify to become a business coach.

Who can be a Business Coach?

People with passion can become Business Coach since coaching is a business of great strength and spirit. Of course, you must have general business knowledge.
Just think of finding better and more efficient ways to boost the results of business accelerates your pulse? Are you the type of person who is always looking for success? Do you love helping other people ?, if you answered that if you can be a Business Coach.

Do I need any previous consulting experience to be a Business Coach?

No. However, it is necessary that you have business knowledge. For example, if you have had or run a business before, or if you come from leading positions in companies that allowed you to see the business from different perspectives. You will require a substantial understanding of the basic business concepts, plus an entrepreneurial spirit, a positive attitude and the healthy dose of motivation that can never be lacking in what we undertake.

What will be my target market?

It 's hard to talk about a business that can not benefit in any way from the products and services of a business coach. Your services and products can serve diverse customers, from a furniture store to an academy, an accounting firm to a software development company, a doctor's office to a chemical manufacturer.
However, the target market is typically those businesses with annual incomes over $ 100,000 USD (most have an estimated average revenue of over $ 250,000 USD). These business owners are owners/managers who seek to implement systems that can generate more growth or profits, give them a more free time or improve the productivity of their staff.
It has been found that most of the newly opened businesses still do not produce enough financial resources to hire coaching services or are still in the development phase or establishment of their business cycle. This type of business usually does not fit into the "ideal" profile. Similarly, in many of the big businesses, the owner is gone and whoever is in the lead usually does not meet the profile sought.

Why would business owners want me to have their Coach?

We all know and accept that sports stars need a Coach without which they simply would not have had the success they have. What about business owners? Why could not they, by logic, have a Business Coach?
Times have changed, more and more business owners are finding that in today's business environment it is difficult to keep abreast of what development is all about, let alone keeping up with it.
The need to have the help of a Business Coach is getting stronger every day, at least for those who take success seriously.
Also, it is almost impossible for business owners to receive actual answers from themselves. A Business Coach can see everything from a clear and objective perspective. It can make them focus more accurately on those tasks where they can improve and help them overcome more obstacles than they could on their own.
A Coach can tell you what is happening in your business without sentimentality. In fact, it can be the marketing manager, the sales director, the training coordinator, the partner and the friend of the business owner, all in one.

Will this business operate in my territory?

The funniest thing about business is that it does not matter if they sell clips or planes, you'll always be sure that with any business owner you speak to (or where they live) they will always want more customers, sales, revenue and more free time.
So answer: Are there business owners wanting to increase their profits and have free time to enjoy with their family and for themselves? Do new businesses frequently start in my territory? Would I sincerely like to help them improve? Do I see myself positioned as a change agent and leader in my community?

Can I work from home?

When starting your business, you can work from home if you have space exclusively for your business. You need to be able to focus on what you do and disconnect in the afternoon. Once your business grows, you'll want to move to a timeshare office, or maybe set up your own independent office.
As a business coach, you will start a new business life that will undoubtedly fill you with enough knowledge and experience to succeed in business and the possibility of contributing to the development of your community and your country.

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