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How to Make Money with YouTube 100% Detailed

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Today we will look at a subject of much controversy, How to make money with YouTube, so many opportunities now that is happening here in North United States, United Kingdom, among many other Latin countries.

Earn money uploading videos on YouTube is not unusual, and many are doing it, if you are one of those who is in doubt, or you've already decided to delve into this long but successful journey, then join me in this article.


Youtube has become the largest video sharing network in a social media world. I would define it like that, people come up everyday video or situations that happened to them. Specifically, whether funny things or thoughts, travels are recorded playing video games among other things. Indeed the concept Initial was entertainment, have a place made by staff for people. You can easily make a video with any cell phone talking about a funny topic, you create a Gmail account and then upload the video to YouTube. You put a beautiful background in the header, an image as a logo in the best case could be made in illustrator and photoshop choose a good name for your channel and ready.
Videos on YouTube are viewed all over the world. If you are excellent, they may even become viral videos and spread in social networks. They can end up being shared on other people 's pages on YouTube. We have a description section for the video you upload, you can put a good text that speaks of the subject to be found more easily. Do not forget to add your social profiles. This is also the view counter, the share section so that you can easily reach any other platform. Finally the comments section, can you imagine?. You upload a video and suddenly the next day, and there are 1000 comments.


This is one of the most common questions. How many visits do you need to make money on YouTube? About this, there are several approximations that I could mention you. The basic calculation says you can make $1 per thousand visits or at least $1,000 per million visits. Some say it is $5 per thousand views. But right as I mentioned keep the average as an indication. Beyond that, there is another question that you should ask "How much commitment is needed? How many methods of How to Make Money with YouTube?
YouTube to pay must have ad clicks or views on videos for more than 30 seconds. For those who want to know how to make money with YouTube, the most common way is to AdSense. In this article, we will see other ways.



CPC applies when an advertiser pays money based on clicks. If a particular keyword (you can see in Google Planner ) has a CPC of $3 and someone clicks on that ad, the advertiser will have to pay AdWords $3. Two types of banners appear on YouTube. In the bottom of the video in the form of rectangular banners. Also in the form of square approximately 300 × 250 px on the right side of your channel.


Sure you've seen video advertising that should be displayed for at least 3 seconds. CPV is when an advertiser pays money based on views. A view is quantified when someone sees an ad for at least 30 seconds or half the advertising. The thing that happens first. If the person who sees the ad clicks on the ad several times, you would not be charged.


Safe and you will recognize some of these channels HolaSoyGermán, PewDiePie, Smosh, Jenna Marbles, nigga Higa. They generate the income that can hover between 3000 and 20000 dollars or more. I want to clarify that they have achieved it after much effort and perseverance. I do not want you to have a false idea of this world.
They earn income in various ways, and this is what we will discuss in detail in this article.


Whenever this question arises What way to monetize Youtube suits me?. The methods are many, today you will meet them, so you decide is best for you. You can use all the methods, or you can choose one with which to work, you want.


This model is one of the oldest and with which almost all begin. It primarily consists of registering your channel in Google Adsense. You must fill in the information they ask for real data. You will go through a trial period for a week for them to send the confirmation to your email. Before you do this, your channel must be personalized and have about 6 yours uploaded videos. Otherwise, AdSense does not accept monetize your videos.
After that, you only have to make the configuration on your channel. To allow revenue by showing ads, there are many ways as it is in the next video.
Among the variables that play a significant role in this method are, the time the video plays, the number of views, and the clicks that are made on the ads that appear. We must consider that AdSense allows charging only when the visits to the videos exceed 100 dollars. If you do not reach that number, then go to the next month until you get this amount. Here I leave a reference article confirms what I mean.
As mentioned above the estimate of serious monetization $1 USD per 1,000 visits. I think with this I can give you an idea of how it works.
Role of Subscribers
Now you're sure to ask what subscribers have to do with all of this. The answer is simple. Each user signed into youtube the videos from the channels to which you subscribed appear. The likelihood that you will see your video will increase much more. Then the more subscribers, the greater the number of times your video ends up being played. So also the money obtained at the end of the month. Now you can imagine what happens with channels that have 3 million subscribers. Awesome, right?
Enabling Adsense Monetization on YouTube
Here I leave you a video where you explain step by step how it is done.
For this, you need to have a PayPal account. It's simple but does not forget to do it that way your profits will be transferred to this virtual bank.


When you reach a certain audience and a certain number of views, either 100 subscribers or much more. There comes the point where YouTube probably will offer you to work with them and activate certain features. That's how you become a partner. Win some extra money monthly from YouTube. Also, you do with Adsense. Most benefits and tools. The important thing is that you are live uploading videos weekly at least.


This method was no longer dependent on YouTube. Here's how making money with YouTube depends on the work you do to your channel. It depends on how you focus your videos. Let's say you're a graphic designer. One idea for you to be able to sell services is to make videos where you make designs from scratch, demonstrating your ability. You can, for example, design a logo, advertising banners, web pages, etc. In the videos add a description and links to your virtual portfolio of all your work done. You can include contact information like phone numbers or emails. The idea is to hook your community and invite them to subscribe. Ask them to follow you on facebook and twitter. Little by little you are going to gain the confidence of them that is determinant to begin and to get the first clients.


It is similar to what you do on the pages with the affiliate system. In this case, the link in question will be shared in the description section of the video. Put relevant information in the description and let them know it is there. Work on making videos and/or ranking everything depends on the number of people who see t follow your channel videos.


If you are going to create your own products, on YouTube, you can find several ways you can promote your products and make sales. Among the products, you can create are the eBooks or electronic books, Applications, or apps, music, design, and art among others, can create an online store and use YouTube as your primary source of promotion. You can make one or several videos for each product and In the description link directly to the product. You can share promotions or seasonal discounts, it all depends on your creativity
Sell more with Pay Advertising on YouTube
If you wondered how to make money with YouTube faster. One way to accelerate the process of buying and selling digital products or physical products. Such as a clothing store would harness the potential of paid advertising on YouTube. The process is not as complicated as it might seem, for example, You create an online clothing store, then you create a channel on YouTube and upload a video made where you talk about each garment of the season. Having done that purchases advertising on YouTube where your video will be shown to all people who want the advantage of this are that the audience to which your video arrived would be carefully chosen by you, increasing the probability of purchase.
As you will see this means that in exchange for the traffic and sales that you could get you will have to make an investment, maybe at the beginning there is not much difference between the money you spend and the one you earn in sales, it is normal to start with a campaign, the idea Is that you must go climbing, making the necessary adjustments regarding the characteristics of the public that shows more sales and focus on that type of people, gradually making the changes and escalating your ROI or return to investment will become positive and you will have a profitable business.
This way of how to make money with youtube is just one of the full range of paid advertising that exists, Facebook ads is another great option as well as adwords or paid advertising on google, I recommend that before starting for these options do some course of the Thematic to not lose money due to lack of knowledge.


Another way to Make Money with Youtube is to make videos based on keywords related to your brand. For example online marketing, web development, online store among others, where share information related to your business, tips, news, promotions, among many others, you will attract people to your site and thus sell more, the videos also help in SEO .
With an indirect way I mean to get traffic to your website and benefit from the benefit there, for example if we refer to SEO, working the right keywords plus the optimization of the videos could get good traffic to your post while positioning it search engine, in conclusion visits to your blog + affiliate products = money


If this is the first time you see the term CPA let me tell you that this is a type of marketing where CPA Networks pay you to get an action from visitors, such as filling out a form with your phone number, Get a registry or the installation of an App among others.
There are several ways to make money with CPA one of them is YouTube, many position videos for specific niches related to CPA promotions to earn money, others clone channels, simulate sporting events, simulate live releases among other strategies to force a certain Form the visitors to perform the action required by the CPA Nets, the CPA may not be an entirely ethical practice for some so I leave you the power to try or not this way to monetize.


When a YouTube reaches a certain number of followers and popularity, there are Partners or Networks, which basically offer you share a certain amount of your profits in exchange for greater opportunities to earn money, such as being sponsored in exchange for promoting certain popular brands, or Aliarte with other companies, this really opens the doors but eye I recommend you to be cautious with whom you associate.
Here a video about the best and worst paid networks


Sure you will be asked about the types of channels that you want to do, you can do all kinds of channels, type tutorials, explanations of topics. But let's get to the point, How to make money with YouTube squared, How to double profits ?. Everything starts from the type of channel you make. Among those who profit most from and have more opportunities to grow are: channels gameplays in which you record you playing games now parallel beams comments and jokes; type channels also HolaSoyGermán talking about common issues so funny but those are the two types of channels that more money and have potential to grow as the entertainment always sells.


Is anything created or owned by another person or company that is displayed for you as you author your videos but receive a penalty, in case you want to make money on youtube must be careful with the material that you manipulate and show in your Videos because by infringing copyright with material from others you could see affected your channel.


In the case of copyright problems the maximum penalty that could get on youtube are the strikes, if you exceed the three strikes your channel will be deleted by YouTube like your videos.
If you upload a video with audio, images, video sections and more material that is owned by another person or company and that they have protected it to not be used and less monetized by people or youtubers like you who use them in your videos then most likely you will receive a strike. The other scenario would receive a simple claim for content ID, anyway your account may be affected.
In other cases it may become blocked the option to monetize, if you got to strike your account will become LIMITED and lose many options on your channel, as the length of videos you can post, the option of thumbnail images are locked, the option Of monetizing among other things. The duration of the first strike is 6 months. To exit the strike the most common option is to wait this period without returning to inflict copyright in your videos, it is why you must have free material copyright to your videos (videos, images, video, music etc.) and This way you will not have problems. As mentioned before if you reach the 3rd Strike forget about your channel.


The reality is that anything worth costs, and YouTube is no exception. The How to Make Money with YouTube takes time. Just to give you an idea, imagine that you publish a weekly video, being responsible with continuous real income after working it for a year, if the frequency of publications is shorter than two videos per week then you will earn money sooner. It is easy to say that you will do it but when you are in the field you realize that there are many distractions and suddenly a month has passed and you only have one video, here is the main problem of people, their lack of discipline and constancy.


Well friend here I finish my article today, How to Make Money with YouTube. I hope I can have cleared the doubts about it and I encourage you to start without your channel, remember that the work and consistency is the victory, do not forget to leave your comment and share this article in your social networks,

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