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How to set up a free school courses online

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In this article I will explain on how to set up a free online school courses , but the same information can also be used for those who want to open a free school courses outside the Internet. Remember also that it is not necessary to mount a school with a wide variety of courses , so if you prefer, you can create a single course and have its based only on that single training business.

How free courses work?

The first step, before entering this business is to know the market very well free courses and understand how they work. Basically it comes to courses that do not require the approval of the MEC (Ministry of Education), as are courses for improvement, pure character to increase the degree of knowledge of people. Therefore, as education is free and important, MEC does not require that these courses have their approval.
The term " free courses " means that training is compulsory without a load time, so a course can last only minutes or months, and on different topics. It is then possible offer from a course on how to bathe a dog, to courses that will help people have started their own businesses, such as confectionery courses, equipment maintenance and more.

How to issue the certificate of a free course?

One of the biggest questions of who is starting in this business is related to the certificate and is also very simple to solve, since it is not necessary to have any approval of the MEC and everything can be done by yourself , without any complication . The certificate is only a small proof that the student has completed the course and is valid in some cases: for checking extra hours of study for college, for some jobs, etc.
I, for example, have worked as a computer teacher at a company here in my city that teaches free courses. And the certificate was done in a very simple way using Corel Draw, however you can also do very well in Word. Just follow one of several examples of certificates that exist on the Internet , placing your company logo, the description in general, and your signature.
If you want to send the certificates directly to the dorm, you can print them using a good printer. It is common printed on linen sheets, but other types of bond certificates for printing paper. However in a school free online courses you can send the certificates in PDF format for students themselves take charge of printing, it is a practical way that prevents certificates arrive in poor condition at the customer 's home.

Riding a free online school courses or online

Once you decide to mount your free courses online school, the first step is to define the courses offered and the search for professionals who teach these courses. So take the time to research and check which are the courses that have higher demand and you can add different in that market.
The structure of your school courses will depend largely on what you will be offered. For cooking courses or gastronomy, for example, you need to have a kitchen, sewing courses you need to build a small space with machines and so on. So depending on the course, it is that you mount structure and this can get quite expensive if you work in several areas.
Also be sure to hire an accountant to start formalizing their new business, because even if their courses do not require the approval of the MEC, your business must be within the law, with an operating license and several other details.

What it takes to create a free online course?

It is not necessary to mount a large structure to start your business free online courses , it is entirely possible to start with very little money and with what you already have at home. So assuming you want to create a massage course, you should have only basic products and accessories such as a stretcher, massage oils and a person receiving the massage.
With a quality camera, a photographic tripod and a wireless lapel microphone , for example, you can make recording classes. You can then edit the recording to your computer with appropriate software and host your videos on a company like Vimeo videos, where you pay a monthly plan and will fully secure their videos.
The next step will be to hire a membership area or Membership Sites (sites where you can access to information private in return for a payment) , where you can put all your videos organized by classes and put all materials, such as text, PDF, audio files and more. This is the field of study of the students, which will have a password to view the recorded lessons. Following the same style can be creating other courses and build their small school of free courses.

How to get school students for free courses online

In the foreground, you create a sales page where you will have all the details of the course and a payment button.
To get students, you need to invest a little more money directed to specific public announcements. So if for example you will create a massage course, it is advertised only for people looking for such a course, either Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. So these people will be transferred to your sales page, and be surprised by your information will enrollment in the course.
Immediately after registration, the new student will receive an email with your username and password to access the study area where you recorded videos are. All this can be done automatically. An alternative to further increase the number of students is looking for partners who advertise their courses in exchange for a commission offered for every sale made.

How much is needed to mount a school free online courses?

The initial cost of a business of this kind can be high, but can also be rather low, because everything depends on the structure you want to mount. Who will invest in professional recording studios and many employees certainly will not get invest in this business with less than $ 80,000.
There are people who started with online courses investing $ 300, but I think to have a good team to work you need a camera to film in Full HD, a good computer and accessories to offer courses, so they must take close of at least $ 2,000 to start.

Is it profitable to set up a free online school courses?

No doubt it will generate good money with a school of free courses online, but remember that it is important to focus on the quality of the courses, the relationship with the students and all this requires constant work.
On average, I think with 2 or 3 courses well mounted, you can check in between $ 2500 and $ 7500 every month with your business.
In my opinion it is worth investing in a school free online courses today, because it is a market that will only grow, because education is increasingly focused on Interne t and start now can give you a great advantage in the future.

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