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How to start a Consulting Business

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You would like the freedom to have your own schedule and generate an extra source of income for part of your work. Or what motivates you are having a vacation whenever you want, working on stimulating projects and/or helping others to achieve their goals.

In this post, I will give you the keys on how to start a consulting business based on my own experience. In my case, I do not dedicate myself professionally full-time but if it constitutes an additional source of income. My consulting work development in two areas, in helping others to start up their own business and in helping others to get a good job. This activity allows me to generate additional income and is a source of great satisfaction when the people I contribute to achieving their important goals.

The keys that allow you to start a consultancy business and work as a consultant.

1. Previous Experience

To start your consulting business, it is important to have expertise in the activity in which you are going to work. Depending on the experience you have. You can charge more or charge less. If you are starting in a new sector of knowledge new to you, you will have to charge little to compensate for the one that you do not have, making your service attractive for your customers as they do not yet have references from other customers, for a mere question of price.
It is important that you ask yourself that you were particularly good knowing your skills that will give you the advantage to position yourself in your activity niche.

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2. Have confidence and ability to inspire others.

When you work as a consultant, you will always find people or clients who do not believe in what you tell them. You have to be able to save the objections of your first customers with confidence. Having trust and the ability to inspire others allows you to overcome the initial objections and help your clients achieve their goals.

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3. Work a niche and turn your service into a product.

Good consultants are focused on a particular niche. I started as a coach with the value proposition, which I still maintain in the blog, of helping to achieve any goal for my clients. Once I have started to work I have seen that many people, unfortunately, I have to need to find a job. That is why I have changed my strategy, and although I can help achieve any objective, I am specializing in contributing to getting work with specific tools for this job niche.
Turning your service into a product is another key aspect of starting a successful consulting business since your customers will have the feeling of getting something physical instead of buying time to tap into and squeeze my brain. This blog is another example, as I propose a method of working in four steps, to get the job or business you want and get your dream lifestyle.

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4. Areas of work and opportunity

There are several areas where there is enough demand to hire consultants, I make a small list so you can see if you fit in any of the ones that I tell you.
  1. Consulting small businesses and start-ups to undertake successfully.
  2. Consulting to help get a job.
  3. Copywriting work.
  4. Consultancy in business communication (ideal for journalists).
  5. Consultancy in web-analytics (it is a sector with much future, it is the beginning)
  6. Legal consulting (Ideal for lawyers who want to generate new sources of income)
  7. Consultancy in personal finance or to invest.
  8. Consultancy in social networks and digital transformation.
  9. Consultancy on strategies to increase sales
  10. Gastronomic consultancy.
I get started, and I can think of many more sectors where to start a consulting business. Just take a look if people are working the same thing.

5. Steps to get going.

Once we are clear what we are going to do and in what area or niche we are going to specialize is the time to get going so we will follow the next steps.

1. Create and define a professional profile.

The last thing to do at this point is to transmit distrust and little professionalism to those who can be our potential clients. Define which problem you solve, define who your potential customers are and define your scope of action according to the above. For example, I am an expert coach in helping people get the job they want or start up their business that they can contact me through the blog.
You also have to have prepared the constitution of your society or the discharge in autonomous. Remember, we first get customers and then spend, but you have to be legal, once you have customers, as fast as possible. Do not stop reading how to form a limited company in a week.

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2. Start your website and/or blog.

It is about launching your digital identity, which is nothing other than everything that appears on you in Google when you put your name. As you are going to set up a one-person business people will look for you by your name, so it is important that you control the information that appears on you, so you better believe your content and monitoring it. Do not stop reading, how to create your digital identity.

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3. Strategy around the social test.

Social proof is everything that gives value to your work, and that comes from others, primarily customers. Recommendations, testimonials from former clients, interviews on radio or television, etc ... all help to create confidence before your new potential customers. People rely on the experience of others so that as you have more satisfied customers and they recommend your services, you can increase your rate as more and more customers.
Ask for a recommendation to your customers; If you do not have clients ask a co-worker or friend to do it for you. What works best is a video recording where your client explains how the experience of working with you has been.

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4. Create a content generation strategy.

A consultant ultimately sells knowledge, so you'll have to bring value to your prospects by creating content on a regular basis. Today if you do not have much experience and start from scratch you will have to generate content to prove your professional value. You can publish once a week on your blog, organize conferences, write an e-book or record videos for your Youtube channel on the problems that your potential clients have. Do not stop reading my post about

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5. Set up your networking strategy.

It is time to start a consulting business, and therefore you have to start moving. To do this, you have to start moving. Networking can be defined as a strategy for connecting with others. Remember that everything you want, having a good job or starting a consulting business, you will come across others. The networking strategy is an art and requires among many things to know when you can ask for a job or offer your services and when not. A good networking strategy is one of the keys to getting your consulting business started successfully.

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