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The 8 Infallible Strategies To Generate More Web Traffic Tomorrow

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Insurance at some point you had doubt or dilemma of how to get more traffic to your site . WE ALL KNOW that this is one of the determining element not fail to Create an Online Company , since the amount of traffic or web visits is where sales or earnings is determined Adsense

When you've assembled many places in this world, you realize that one of the most critical and important thing to make money online with your site. Unfortunately, is traffic, this little number that we see in Google Analytics every day, and we dream to increases more and more, let me tell you the truth. There is no unique and magical method that will allow you to earn millions from the overnight. So if you're one of those DREAMERS is better that you go on land and getting the batteries working hard every day on your page so slowly you can see with satisfaction results.
Well, this small but significant XD introduction was necessary to free your mind and be able to share these 8 REALISTIC methods and 100% efficient you get this traffic so dreamed that only you saw in your dreams. Well we can say that this article will make as explicit as possible without looking so bored that, here we go:
This will be a long stretch. I took the effort of several days to do it and not let anything escape me. I will share according to the experience I have acquired with my blogs, only getting traffic with content and then in the SEO part will add some Secrets That I have in the sleeve so that you are with the motors ready to begin your race XD.



As the saying goes an empire is not the overnight, the same way a successful page is constantly publishing, there is a big trade - off between quantity and quality, let me tell you that in many cases the amount is what you Show more results. In the article " How to Grow Your Blog to 100,000 Visits a Month Within 1.5 Years " belonging to http://quicksprout.com/ tell us in detail the phrase Quantity is king.
In that article quicksprout claimed to have gotten 422.885 monthly visits to the post 5 times a week as opposed to 501.573 monthly visits achieved by publishing 6 times a week Bottom line? Well, that I leave it to you XD but the constancy has much to do with the results.


The previous strategy definitely will bring many visits to long term , but what if you add to that QUALITY AND OWN STYLE? lately things changed their 360 degrees on the Website thanks to our friend Panda 4.1 , this update has made the copy and paste items no longer a safe task (unless you want to google kick your host in the trash, Or rather be punished by copying). But the saying goes
considers that Google now recognizes the original content, this content also has more potential to be shared. As an obvious example of excellent articles, you can see the blog Socialmediaexaminer; a success. The regular 450 - word article is being replaced by long articles of 1000 or 1500 words, originals with videos, images, podcast among many other things that make the very entertaining read and contribute much to the Online Community. This is what Google wanted to achieve and is what it rewards. Now if it costs much you will win long term because many people share trust me .
Now if you want some references to know how or what I mean with style, here I share a list with Best Blogs Internet Marketing and SEO, Visit them and see how original might already be all the people who could get


One of the most valuable secrets and decisive in many cases is to write SMARTER, and what does this mean? It is not just write something that I can think, and already there is a way to bring something that people are really looking for this. We can do first using the tool Keyword Planner (Keyword Planner), to know that words are suited more to What people are looking for and what you want to write with.
An example that could do for you would be with our article How to Create a Website Step by Step, now we will make a breakdown
In this Part, the First Part is being sought by 1,300 people to about month, this with the tool Google Planner. On the other hand, the second part is the supplement added by us that gives more meaning to the title of the article. So you must ensure that The first part of your story contains the keyword.
EYE, at first glance this strategy may not seem to show results, but trust me that within 6 months you will notice a real increase in your search engine traffic. From that moment, you will continue to see quarter-over-quarter increases.


One of the biggest fears of bloggers is to write something that people do not read, that is something that failed effort, the most important element of a blog is its HOLDER. No matter how good your content is, if your headline sucks, very few people will read the post.
In most cases, content marketing is a success or failure: your content will be widely read or just ignored. But it does not have to be like that. Let me give you a big news
One of the tools that I recommend to you is Social Crawlytics. This tool will allow to analyze the content of other blogs and see that entries were more successful Shares. For example, if we examine this page with the tool we know that among the articles more Popularity (the First Posts) meet, xxxx, then if we create an article that talks about the same but with more contributions using a similar headline with the previous strategy, so we can be sure that you will get good visits in the future.
Another tool you can use is Topsy That allows us Search Popular items from a Keyword or URL


Another Strong point in Which must work to Fund is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). One of the things you should know is that the SEO you will do should look as natural as possible, and that is why we must first work on the Content, I recommend that you fill your page content the first two weeks or the first month without working even in the Positioning.

5.1. Optimization on Page

Once this is achieved can begin, there are two tasks you have to do, first of all, the optimization or SEO OnPage On Page:
  • Include the keyword in the title H1. Choose a title with a high impact and Including the Key Word
  • Include the keyword in the URL (not required if you want to do branding), in the Meta Title and Meta Description.
  • It uses on more than one occasion the keyword in the titles H2 and H3, either partially or entirely.
  • Beware of keyword density, remember that Panda 4.0 will penalize if you repeat the keyword a lot and if it does not make sense. In any case, the density of your keyword must be less than 2%. to know how to control this I recommend SEO Quake.
  • We already talked about something similar, repeat variations of the keyword or use synonyms for Google to attach great importance in these terms and more natural to your content. For example, in this post, the main keyword is " Build Traffic, " so we can use other words such as " Increase Web Traffic or how to generate traffic Web," etc.
  • Optimizes the weight and dimensions of images before uploading. Try to prevent the page from resizing the image when loading as this would slow down the upload. Also, add the keyword to the "Title" and "Alt Text" of the highlighted image, and remember to rename the image file so that you can find your article through the Google image search.
  • The contents that best position are those that have an extension of 800 to 2000 words. Panda has raised the minimum of 300 words to 800 so that we give more quality to our articles.
  • Includes a Sitemap on your blog and file Robot.txt also do not forget to add your page to the tool Google Web Master Tools this is one of the most important things and entirely necessary because this way before Google will index your content.
  • Do not forget to include internal links that can complement the information and thus you can transfer more authority, do not hold back on using keywords to link the items together and makes WIKIPEDIA XD
To make sure if the work you're doing OnPage Optimization goes well I recommend using Metricspot or Woorank , these tools assess the SEO of your page sections, both SEO On Page or Linkbuilding

5.2. LinkBuilding

Once you 've completed this phase will be ready for linkbuilding this means the creation of links containing your keyword (now need to do five variations thereof) of authority sites to your preference page with Page more Rank 3 (Can Tool use SEOQuake in your Firefox browser. the Best way to induce linkbuilding form Natural is creating quality content.
  • Create Articles As a Guest on other Sites, this strategy although in some cases can be penalized, works very well if you do things correctly Make an original article and that Contribute a lot of Value and Put a Link with your Keyword, You Will Win Visits and Positioning
  • Create Articles in Directories.
  • Sign up for High Page Rank Forums (greater than 4) and Sign Your Link with your Key Word. Interact in The topics of the Forum.
  • Comment on Other related to your niche and Blogs Have Authority, and leave your link in the comment of the form in Part A Name You Can Do alluding to Name and Keyword For example Juan - Web Development.
  • Leave Links in Social Bookmarks.
  • You can use the System Creating links Pyramidal Tier 4, but eye with this Truco Many do not recommend unless of course, you do it correctly.
  • Do not forget to use Yahoo Answers and Wikipedia to Leave Powerful links to your site


A) Obtaining the Fiscal Identification Number
After signing the deeds, you should go to Estate to receive your company's provisional Tax Identification Number (TIN), as well as the identification cards and tags. To do this, you must provide a completed form 036, a photocopy of the DNI of the signatory and a photocopy of the deed of incorporation of the company obtained at the notary.
One of the primary sources of traffic is the One who Constructs on social networks, first of all, you must create the Social Profiles Your Brand, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest are Inevitable Social Media in your Business.
One of the most important things is that you are present in social networks, it is not a matter of just creating the accounts and abandoning them, you must share and interact with your audience here I leave you some tips.

6.1. Facebook Marketing:

Post 3 times a day, for this I recommend you do it before 9 am and after 9 pm as at this period it is shown that there are more audience and less competition. If you want to know more about it, I recommend that you read How to Have More Followers on Facebook
You must Create a FanPage, not a Personal Account Join Groups and Share Publications Your Facebook Page, so people will know of your Page, Send invitations to your friends to give him Like your page Facebook, Comment, Share Publications Other Only this way you will gain Visibility.
Make contests on Facebook, many free online tools allow you to achieve this and also you will get Likes and trust of your follower's XD

6.2. Twitter Marketing:

The Frequency of Publications here is greater since the dynamism in Twitter is much higher, Tweet between 5 and 10 times a day, among the publications with more results are the Images with Text, the Dating of Characters, Infographics, Funny Videos and Of course Your Articles.
I recommend that you follow people and many of them will follow you too. Of course, this is criticized but to my point of view if you do not hurt anyone and if this way you could reach more people because you do not. Then people Really interested will follow you to see the number of followers you have, since we all judge by what we see, the more dynamic you are more followers will be winning in an accelerated way.

6.3. Google Plus Marketing:

Post 3 Times a Day All Days of the Week or at Least Intermediate, Join Communities, and Share Publications, Interact with them.
Add people to your circles, the key to your growth in social networking is on the interaction, invites hangouts to people like you who are in your niche. And you will win many of your followers.
One tool that I recommend and I'm sure you will use XD is Hootsuite. in its free version lets you manage up to 5 Social Networks which is enough if you 're starting, Publications, Scheduled across all your social networks from a single platform and Full Monitoring Your Social Networks. On the other side if you already want to go to the next level I recommend the version Pay, with this You Can Control 50 Social Networks, DO YOU IMAGINE?


This is one of the most powerful ways to attract visitors since the videos are well viewed by Google, a video gives you more power and even article. A video can be ranked much better, and if you are constant in creating videos if this single method can give you gains quite apart from that you provide your site's called YouTube Adsense.
Create a Weekly Video, Make It Short 5 minutes will work, in an intro that attracts attention but is a few seconds, DO NOT forget to fill in the Description Field. And at the end put your links to your social networks. This is a good way to fire subscriptions and followers
At the end of each video Tell your audience to subscribe and add to your social networks, so you will not only benefit your website, you will gradually see how the traffic coming from your video channels will increase, you just have to keep the frequency Of publication.


This sure already you hoped for, in addition the topic speaks of web traffic, I can not ignore it, but as it is a way that needs investment and I am sure that many will not agree to put money to his project at least initially, that is how I decided Put it to the end. Something Good of the Payment Method is that You can give yourself significant amounts of Traffic Immediately or depending on the Budget, within this method we will talk about 3 Ways That Will Allow Your Commitment;
First Google Adwords, is Sponsored by Google plan to make this method just have to create an account on Google, which is basically appear on the first page of Google for the keyword or keywords you choose, in the form of a sponsored ad, paying each time someone clicks on your ad
Second Facebook ads, Mechanics is similar the only difference is that you will appear as an advertisement of Facebook profiles of other users, can segment and decide what your target audience. Or for users to appear
Third ads on Youtube , the shape is similar to the above, but in this case will be in the form of video, appearing before playback of the videos that people want to play, usually the first 5 seconds are required so you have chance to Gain attention at that time and so people click on your ad.
Sure, you know about these methods, but since I'm not an expert on this, I can only recommend that you study the subject well before venturing because there have been cases of bad investment with significant losses. Find out and study well, because at an investment That you should receive is a greater benefit than it is worth.


Let 's face Dreamed get the traffic your website will not be a walk in the park, and anyone who tells you that yes, probably does not have much integrity.
First of all, you must Mentally arm yourself with a lot of patience and perseverance, remember that Nothing in this worthwhile life is easy, but when you get it you will feel that nothing is impossible, you will feel like the king of the world. It should only last for the first 3 months.
Be constant, publish frequently and organize the tasks you must perform, there will be times when you will feel that you are not getting anything, that it does not make sense what you do, believe me, if it makes sense. You need to go through all that to get the fruits you are looking for.

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