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10 Email Marketing Mistakes You Should NOT Make in Your Campaigns

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The email marketing, as I had explained a few months ago, is an evolution of the advertising by mail. I start by highlighting this detail because it is imperative to know the origin of this technique, to understand why certainly committed errors in email campaigns and their possible consequences and advice to address and resolve them.

10 Email Marketing Mistakes You Should NOT Make in Your Campaigns

For email marketing or emailing means the strategic use of email for the purpose of Digital Marketing. However, email marketing is not child's play or something that can be scheduled from one day to the next. Email marketing works schemes campaigns with objectives, content, and tools previously established, and this is where these arise faults or errors so common that should correct and prevent.
It is worth mentioning that today all have email and it is strange to find someone who does not have one. Advances in technology have made having an email to communicate as necessary as having a mobile. Everything that you want to associate or subscribe will require an email. Therefore, a good email marketing allows your brand to places you never imagined you'd since it is a form of marketing with a huge range (although it must be careful not to make errors).

Common Errors in an Email Marketing Campaign

Many mistakes in email marketing are drawn from traditional advertising mail via your grandparents, and others, however, are more related functions and bad habits present in the Digital Marketing. These faults are easily identifiable to anyone because more than one has had to deal with spam, deceptive emails and/or poorly written, too heavy, etc.
It is very easy to complain when you are the receiver, but when you manage a brand, and you incur these failures (most of the time is in an unconscious way), you have to be very careful to not become a problem (I speak of courts). So, let's look, one by one, each of those mistakes you can make when creating and launching your email marketing campaigns.

1. Buy a database directly

An error that is better not to commit. What do you do when you get an email that you had not requested? Imagine that you receive an email from a company that you do not even know its name. How ugly! And how unprofessional! You know where that mail is going to stop 99% of the time, right? Well, imagine what will happen the performance of your campaigns. Forget about the open rate of more than 1%. It's difficult to get your emails open, as to force.
Our list of subscribers has to create your one to one. In your database, you interested only users who are interested in what you do. To improve the engagement and metrics subscriber, you can encourage high in the newsletter in many ways: give away an ebook, offer exclusive content, create a mini - course faceted and etc.

2. Throwing improvisation and not planning

This is perhaps the mother of all faults. Improvising not only give a misstep and sometimes against the wall, but subtracts professionalism to your brand, besides that eventually prove to be a useless work, for every email marketing campaign needs to be pre - planned (in one form Meticulous). Therefore, you must not forget to prepare an annual calendar detailing the activities of email marketing you are going to develop throughout the year so you can plan every campaign with time to spare
Also, do not forget to add to this planning the products or services to be noted in each period, and include special dates to extract the most benefit. In case you improvise, you incur email marketing mistakes such as sending low-quality content, lack of control in the frequency of shipments, repeated messages, etc. very commonly. Which brings us to the next error.

3. Have a single prototype email

Take all email addresses from your database and send the same post at the same time is a big mistake. You must classify these emails and have groups of emails that are sent to particular types of customers at certain times (here are the segments ). When a customer agrees to send you information about your products or services you know very well what type of product you are interested in and what your location is.
A good online marketing plan establishes a consistent and fairly extensive section on email marketing (almost as thick as a small marketing plan). It is more than a mailing list and an editorial calendar. A plan of e-mail marketing establishes objectives, studies the market, segmenting the population of the list and make ad-hoc content.

4. Do not know your target audience

You must know your customer. Ask yourself what kind of customer want to attract and what to do to get your attention. Generates content dedicated to such people, think carefully and make it appealing to them and never write to anyone who has not given you permission. An easy way to learn a little more about your customers is adding a form of registration or subscription, which also will be helpful to violate your privacy.

5. Violating Your Subscribers' Privacy

This is another common mistake in email marketing and one that may even lead to criminal liability, as these infringing the privacy and dealing with extraneous information, and there are already laws (such as the European Union) that are regulating these practices (and Will harden over time).
One of the practices that violate privacy is sending bulk mail or spam, and the use of databases that are purchased but in many cases are stolen data. Another example is to send emails to people you have not given their permission, and so on. Some people used to plugins for emails, which flirts with almost the spyware. If any of the recipients of these emails have bad fleas, you can sue.

6. Be adamant with campaign guidelines

The lack of flexibility in the guidelines of a campaign plan or emailing is the negative antipode of improvisation. It is true that one is necessary planning serious but not be so inflexible that he remove the naturalness and feeling the campaign.
The first sample stiffness suicide is in that bad habit of using January to program and write all mail to be sent throughout the year (which is being programmed to ignore ). This is an inconvenience, as you will end up sending regular emails that may end up being irrelevant and unresponsive to the actuality of individuals.
To avoid this, it is necessary to set limits for all your strategies, and are consistent with your brand, but also give space to novelty, to include in the content references to this and be aware of changes and updates concerning Technology, as well as allow changes to the demand and demand of customers.

7. Send only your own products, offers, and promotions

If you manage the client feel empathy with your brand more opportunities to recommend. Therefore, do not fall into the error of sending emails by offering only your products or services. Keep in mind, for example, important dates such as father's day, mother's day, client's birthday, and of course Christmas.
Such gestures help to improve the brand-customer relationship, which translates into loyalty and better followers, as your loyal customers will you present in your day to day and will increase the possibility that mentions your site or product with its family, friends, and acquaintances.

8. Not using an appropriate emailing platform

A very common error, which often makes companies (especially small), is to make mass mailings with generic suppliers emails like Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail and Yahoo, using as justification the high budget required to hire a tool of This kind. Look, for example, imagine that you receive an email from a company, and the sender puts " username@gmail.com ".
I do not think you need to explain the unprofessionalism that transmits the mail to a person you try to sell your product or service. And this happens because of ignorance because we do not know the prices they have email marketing platforms because any business can afford to use a suitable tool to send bulk emails.
There are a variety of online tools for sending mass emails, but the most prominent are MailChimp, GetResponse, and Aweber. These services are easy to apply and affordable. Having your own campaign manager email will give you a better picture and help you pass the anti-spam filters emails from your list.
In my case, I use the tool MailChimp, because besides having a super - intuitive interface is also compatible with most plugins WordPress. This may be silly, but it is an important detail because only need to use the AP I offered the plugin to connect directly to my account MailChimp, so you can select the desired email list.

9. Do not pay attention to the phrase "content is king."

Unfortunately, people pay much more attention to the content errors than the rest. In many lists of common mistakes in email marketing I have read, we all agree on this point. Content is always king, but do not be blinded. Examples of such errors would be the use of a vocabulary and copywriting inappropriate, bad taste in graphic design template or mail format, poor disposition of the subject and sender, wasting calls to action, not post information or links, Copy paste, among others.
These content errors can be harmful, since indisposed, scare away customers and are a sure antidote conversions. There are even consolidated brands and others not much that incur this action. The most common example is the typical Christmas message that seems to be copied and pasted and, incidentally, has little original images taken from banks free images. So it is clear that we must avoid them, although the way to do it is not simple.

10. Do not raise an emailing strategy

The solution to these flaws in the approach is complex and delicate, so it is important to seek advice. For example, the newsletter lately being used by many webmasters and bloggers to capture links strength and SEO. It is, therefore, good to seek advice agencies Marketing and SEO to make a comprehensive and excellent work.
Now, with the responsive web version, the thing has only just become even more complicated. Now the advice is critical, and above should be more demanding as they are technical aspects. Has not it happened that entering an email from your mobile phone is completely misconfigured and looks awful? Then, it can become worse when you enter the page, especially if you have been a victim of this negligence. You're on the moral duty to correct these failures and provide an optimal user experience.

Bonus: Sending emails with irrelevant issues

The first thing users see when receiving an email is the issue. If this is repeated over and over again or simply not attractive, the possibility that that person nor open is huge. Dedicate the subject as much effort as the rest of the content of the mail. Do not despise it, although this is only a small line will be the first thing the customer sees, it is your cover letter so whatever happens shows your best face.
For example, if you are sending a newsletter on the "best perfumes for men," you can choose to put the matter directly that text, "The best perfumes for men" or work a little and spend a few minutes to improve it. For example, a subject that says "[COSMETIC] TOP 2016 Perfumes for men". In this case, the user already knows that the post is about cosmetics for men and they're going to give a list of the best perfumes for men in 2016.

Start to include email marketing in your communication mix

The email marketing is a powerful channel for almost all businesses, both physical and online. While most of the channels are volatile and subject to change, such as SEO and social media, email marketing is built over time and becomes a pillar of your business that will continue to drive your business to infinity.
In conclusion, a bad email marketing campaign will leave bad off your brand, and that's the last thing you want, especially during the important dates when your competitors are sharpening their marketing best weapons to keep all customers. So go a step forward, avoid these mistakes and remember that the most important thing in this campaign is their clients, so give them the place they deserve, use these weapons, be organized and success in your campaigns!
In fact, it served for almost everything. Virtually no limits on how far you can segment customers through multiple channels, and customize your communication to talk directly with them and get to your heart. Do not spend more time and get ahead of your competition with an emailing campaign, especially now that you know how simple it is and the advantages that can offer you.
What has seemed the most common email marketing mistakes? Do you think I left anything? Do you have any experience you want to tell? Did you have any doubts or questions? Be careful with your mailing campaigns and avoid these errors. Now I ask is that you leave a comment. It does not matter whether it is doubt or a simple thank you, but I will be very glad to read it and answer it.

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