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16 Essential Marketing Strategies for More Traffic

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When we are starting to create a blog, it is necessary to first learn and perform all the tasks of installation, configuration, and adjustments of hosting, domains, WordPress, tools, plugins and everything that involves this technical process.

16 Essential Marketing Strategies for More Traffic

But once we have a blog set up, with the essential plugins installed and all the settings well done, comes the inevitable question:
And now what do I do?
All this process of installation and configuration of WordPress is a good first step that helps us lay the foundation of our blog, but there is much to do!
When our blog is ready to begin publishing content, comes the strategic part, which has as one of its pillars marketing strategies and traffic going to implement.
As obvious as it is important to remember that no visitors or traffic, no use having the best design or publish excellent articles since no readers and no one takes advantage of all that content.
In this article, we are going to analyze some marketing strategies that you can start to use to promote your blog or any other project on the Web. But before, I share three essential tips to take into account:

Set goals

What do you want to achieve with your blog or website? The more clear and specific you have your goals, the more motivation and the better results you will get.
Write on a piece of paper or in a document on your computer the goals you have and a deadline when you want to achieve them.

Create a plan

The next step is to create an action plan that allows you to have a working methodology and always be aware of what the next step to take. A good plan is an ideal complement for your goals, how to have the map that will lead you to get them successfully.

Decide your traffic strategies

With your objectives and plan ready, you have to decide what traffic sources and marketing strategies you are going to use. It is easy to think that we can use all at the same time and thus achieve more traffic; however, I recommend you choose 3 similar maximum best you can be developing gradually. On the Internet, it is very easy to become overwhelmed and saturated with information and tasks.
Decide your traffic strategies

As you move forward, you can try out other marketing strategies. The important thing is to focus and not distract yourself.
Better to develop 1 or 2 strategies with your maximum potential to try everything without having significant advances

Marketing Strategies to Achieve More Traffic and Sales

Now, let's look at the main marketing strategies you can use to promote your blog, get traffic and achieve your goals successfully. Have your notebook and pen ready because you are sure to want to score a lot!



All that refers to the process of ranking a website in the top of the organic results of Google, and other search engines are the SEO, one of the most important traffic to any niche forms.
However, I recommend not only focus on SEO as the primary marketing strategy, rather, have it always present and creates a long - term plan.
SEO comes in handy when you combine three strategies that include in this tutorial:
  • Content Marketing (Quality)
  • Social networks
  • Alliances and inbound links
I recommend studying and practicing SEO techniques, but do not obsess or believe that is the only way to do online marketing. By doing well the rest, you will gradually rank yourself in Google.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

The Internet has allowed information to move at high speeds and can be clicked to millions of people. Quality content has become a very important asset for educating, generating leads and selling on the Internet.
Here are some content marketing strategies you can implement:

1. Post frequently and quality on your blog

It all starts with publishing quality articles on your blog. In addition to this, if you add often you have the perfect combination to stand out from above your competition.
It is not necessarily a question of adding new entries every day. They can be two or three times a week. The important thing is to put as a priority the quality and find a good rate of publication, thus achieved share more on social networks, generate virality, position yourself as an expert and achieve good positions in search engines.

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2. Articles as a guest on other blogs

Publish articles on other blogs as a guest is one of the best marketing strategies to generate traffic fast while ranking to a segmented audience and interested in what you do.
Locate the most influential bloggers in your niche and start creating a good relationship with them, so that little by little you get to know.
Depending on each blog, it may not be the best idea to send your article proposal as a guest from the beginning or too fast. Some bloggers prefer to know more about the person who wants to contribute to their blog, although there are sure to be others who accept direct requests. That is an important factor to consider.
When they give approval to your proposal guest blogger, Write your best!
Take advantage of that great opportunity that other readers and audience know you the best possible. An exceptional article is the starting point to achieve this.

3. Secondary Blogs and/or Article Directories

With this I mean to create and/or publish in blogs more generic and that could be that they are hosted on free platforms like Blogger, WordPress.com, Tumblr, etc.This works to generate traffic and also links, which contributes to a greater Authority and trust on Google's part.
Many users also create blog networks where they exchange links with each other to improve their SEO strategy.
It is not essential, but certainly, helps and has its benefits.

4. Create a podcast

Creating a podcast is a unique and different way to share content, position and create a group of readers and fans for your blog and your products. Podcasts consist of the distribution of audio (or video) content on a particular topic.
It is an excellent alternative to articles or videos. You can offer it on your own blog and on other platforms like iTunes, where many users have been successful and many downloads.
To start, you may need to invest in some good quality microphone.
Do you want to learn how to start your own podcast? You can not lose Pat Flynn guide: How to Start a Podcast Complete Step by Step Guide

5. Video Marketing

The videos have been a content marketing format that has grown a lot in recent years. The video marketing is an excellent way to give greater variety and pizzas to your blog, providing a new way to expose your content and your readers learn from your knowledge and experience.
The best-known platform is YouTube, although you can also use others like Vimeo or Daily Motion.

Free and Paid Products

Free and Paid Products

Digital products and generate income, can also function as an excellent marketing strategy to attract more readers and subscribers to your blog or other projects.

1. eBooks

With the rise of e-readers such as the Amazon Kindle and the opportunity for any user to be part of the publishing world, eBooks have become a very popular format for distributing content, website ranking and generating revenue
Publish an eBook on Amazon for $ 4.99 - $ 9.99, plus help you diversify your sources of income, it can also be very useful in marketing and branding issues.
Even a free eBook also represents a valid strategy to attract more traffic and readers.

2. Courses

Like eBooks, digital video courses and/or combined with other formats such as PDF and audio can help you earn money and at the same time improve your Internet branding and marketing strategy.
You can create courses with different approaches, for example:
  • A free basic course with the goal of generating traffic and subscribers.
  • A course also essential but with a very low price, which works so that the prospects enter your sales funnel and can know your products of greater cost and quality.
  • A course with a higher price that besides making money, allows you to position yourself as an authority in your niche
Depending on the format and type of course you choose, you can use it for different purposes in your marketing plan.
The best thing about digital products is that the sale and delivery are 100% immediate and automatic.

Social Networks

Social Networks

Social networks have become one of the main channels of communication thanks and marketing strategies thanks to all the advantages it offers. They are easy to use, fun, informative and free.
A marketing plan with social networks has a much more branding approach than achieving sales directly, which is why it works very well as a complement to the advertising and sales strategy of any business.

1. Facebook

With Facebook you have the possibility to create an audience through a fan page where you can publish different types of content:
  • Entertainment
  • Educational
  • Offers
  • Promotions
  • Sweepstakes
With millions of active users daily, Facebook is the largest and most impactful social network in the world. Connect with your audience by this means and start to know more about them, create relationships of trust and little by little you will be able to understand your products and/or services.

2. Twitter

Twitter is a great platform to share your content and generate viral traffic, which can generate a lot of traffic to your blog. In addition to this, with Twitter, you can find many people within your niche to create alliances and also others willing to buy your products and/or services.
Along with Facebook, Twitter is the other indispensable social network that should be included in all types of social media marketing strategy.

3. Google Plus

Google Plus has not grown as much as Facebook or Twitter, however, it is useful for people who practice content marketing. It also helps your photo appear in Google's search results, something that helps increase CTR and SEO conversions.

4. Other social networks

In addition to these three social networks, you can also use others in your online marketing strategy. Some examples are Linkedin, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Advertising and Pay Per Click

One of the most innovative and efficient forms of advertising that the Internet has given is pay-per-click programs. As its name says, it only pays for each click that is made on the ads, although they can also work based on impressions.
The best thing about pay per click is that you can start generating live traffic. It's best to use this method with campaigns that include conversions such as subscribing to a list, downloading a file, or even selling a product.

1. Adwords

Google Adwords is Google's pay-per-click program. To begin with, you choose the keywords and the desired budget per day so you can start quickly to test and analyze the performance of the campaigns.
Learning how to use Adwords can take time, especially if it requires maximizing performance and not spending as much money.
If you do not know anything about Adwords but want to start, I recommend you first learn at least the basics and gradually gain experience.
One of the most significant advantages of Adwords is that people who search on Google are already interested in something and looking for solutions, so they are more likely to become prospects and customers (obviously depending on the niche).
In addition to advertising on Google's results, there are also advertising programs on Google's ad network (ads on other websites) and on YouTube with its TrueView program.

Links :

2. Facebook Ads

With the growth of this social network, Facebook began implementing its own pay-per-click system called Facebook Ads. One of the advantages of this advertising system is that you can segment much more the market you want to reach since Facebook has more data about its users (age, sex, occupation, likes, etc.).
The cost per click on Facebook Ads is generally less and more accessible than on Adwords, plus they are more flexible with the campaigns you can create. In Google, they have closed many accounts in a way exaggerated or very rigorous.
With Facebook, you will have more freedom

3. Advertising on Other blogs/sites

It is possible that many of the blogs with more time and traffic in your niche accept advertising. Analyze what they are, the costs and all the advantages it offers. Then choose the advertising model and the duration of your advertisement.
The most common are that a monthly amount is charged for a banner in some area of the blog (sidebar, entries, header or footer). If the blog where you advertise is very related to what you offer and has a good amount of traffic, this marketing strategy can be very profitable.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Creating a list of email subscribers is one of the best ways to implement an Internet marketing strategy. If this list of people knows and trusts you, the possibility of generating sales of your products and/or services multiplies exponentially.
When practicing email marketing, define well your strategy and what will be your model of work. Depending on your niche, choose the frequency with which you would send messages to offers, content messages or any other type.
Sending out all the time deals maybe is not the best idea as it can become annoying for many users. Find a good balance, add value and create an authentic relationship with your subscribers.
To start with email marketing, you need an autoresponder. I recommend any of the following options:
  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • IContact
To generate prospects, you can insert subscription forms in your blog or also use the pay-per-click programs that we have already seen to bring traffic to a capture page.
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A virtual world full of opportunities

A virtual world full of opportunities

These are some of the internet marketing strategies that you can use to promote your blog, your products and/or services.
For example, you can have active social networking profiles, but your primary focus is to generate leads with Facebook Ads and email marketing. Another case could be having a defined content marketing strategy and at the same time creating branding campaigns in social networks.
You have to know how to find a right balance, know which will be the most used and always follow the established plan. On the Internet, it is very easy to be distracted and to be hopping from method to method without having results that are worthwhile.

A virtual world full of opportunities

Set goals, create your plan, decide your traffic sources and start your marketing strategies
Set goals, create your plan, choose your traffic sources and start your marketing strategies
What other strategies do you like to use or have you given good results? Share yours in the comments!

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