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Concept and Definition of Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is a term widely used around the world. Although entrepreneurship has always been present throughout human history, as it is inherent in this, in the last decades, this concept has become of paramount importance, given the need to overcome the constant and growing economic problems.

Concept and Definition of Entrepreneurship

The word Entrepreneurship comes from the French entrepreneur (pioneer) and refers to the ability of a person to make an additional effort to reach a goal or objective. It also being used to refer to the individual who started a new company or project, a term that then applied to entrepreneurs who were innovative or added value to an existing product or process

Importance of Entrepreneurship

Today entrepreneurship has gained great importance because of the need for many people to achieve their independence and economic stability. High levels of unemployment and the low quality of current jobs have created in people, the need to generate their own resources to start their own businesses and move from being employees to being employers.
All this is only possible if you have an entrepreneurial spirit. It requires a great determination to give up the economic "stability" offered by a job and venture as an entrepreneur, but even if it is taken into account that the entrepreneur does not always earn as if he does the wage earner, who has a minimum monthly income insured which allows you to survive.
In many countries (almost all Latin American countries), for many professionals, the only option to earn a decent income is through the development of a project of their own. Unemployment levels, in most of our economies, are around 20%, so it is extremely urgent to look for alternatives to generate employment that improves the quality of life of the population.
Governments have understood the importance of entrepreneurship so much that they have initiated entrepreneurship support programs to assist them in their purpose of creating their own productive unit.
Almost all countries have entities dedicated exclusively to promoting the creation of companies between professionals, and between those who have sufficient specific knowledge to be able to offer a product or a service.
The supply of labor usually grows at a faster rate than growing the economy, making it impossible to provide employment to the entire population. Taking into account that our states do not have the capacity to subsidize unemployment, as some European countries can, the only alternative to guarantee the population access to the resources necessary for their livelihood is to try to turn the wage earner into an entrepreneur.
Given these economic circumstances, entrepreneurship is the savior of many families, so far as it allows them to undertake productive projects, with which they can generate their own resources, and enable them to improve their quality of life.
Only through entrepreneurship can you succeed in situations of crisis. You can not always count on a protective government that is ready to offer help during a crisis. The venture is the best way to grow economically, to be independent and to have a quality of life according to our expectations which entail developing a culture of entrepreneurship aimed at overcoming the resistance of some people to stop being dependent.


In conclusion, entrepreneurship is that attitude and aptitude of the person that allows him to undertake new challenges, new projects; Is what allows you to go one step further, to go beyond where you have already arrived. It is what makes a person dissatisfied with what he is and what he has achieved, and as a consequence, he wants to reach greater achievements.

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