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Email Marketing: What It Is, Benefits and How to Create a Campaign

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The email or electronic mail, as a marketing tool, has been declared dead many times over the last few years. However, despite who it weighs, it remains one of the most prolific tool for any data marketer today. When an emailing campaign is executed correctly, thinking about all the details and delivering it with meaning and relevance, it can provide a very high ROI or return on investment, to the joy of marketers.

10 Email Marketing Mistakes You Should NOT Make in Your Campaigns

We live in a very changing world. Both change and update can affect the contact negatively you have with your audience and consumers, a key to generate sales and, above all, fidelity. In fact, in these things email is an old dog since it was incorporated into our lives are thousands of companies that have incorporated it into their digital marketing strategy.
In this sense, they are more efficient than social networks. I know that social media is an economical way to reach our audience, but many times we forget that there are other tools, which are complementary, with which we can get more than a "like" or "tweet." If you think about it, users often lose their messages on social networks or let them die on their timeline (usually due to the high concentration of information ).
With email, although it may also happen, it is also true that it will be because you are carrying out an erroneous strategy and not focused to generate engagement with your brand. There are so many good things that email marketing offers you, it would be unwise not to include it in your marketing plan. Therefore, I have prepared this guide, with which you will know what it is, its advantages and disadvantages and the process that must be followed to create and launch a successful campaign.

1. What is Email Marketing

The email marketing is a marketing technique involves sending a message through a system electronic tens, hundreds, thousands or even millions of people. It is base on the part of the permit, that means your readers must sign up to receive your emails and newsletters, so you have to explain why to do so, by telling them for example, what will benefit them and What kind of information they will receive in their mailboxes.
It's a good way to communicate with your current and future customers. In fact, with this tool, you can grow both your mailing list and your own business in a faster and more efficient way. After all, an emailing campaign aims to send messages via email to enhance the relationship with your past, current, and potential customers, to foster customer loyalty, repeat purchase, Awareness and brand visibility.

Key: Ask your customers for permission

If there is one thing that really differentiates email marketing from other marketing tools, it is that it integrates the concept of permission marketing, a term coined by Seth Godin, that is to obtain the express permission of the client or future client to initiate a relationship with him. In this case, no one will receive an e-mail that has not previously requested or that has not shown an interest in receiving such messages.
In this way, email marketing is positioned against spam practices, also called spam. The big problem with the use of spam is not its proven ineffectiveness, but the negative repercussions on image and reputation that your company can have if it does. That is, the recipients are paying for their connection to the network, so receiving an unsolicited message is a waste of time and money. That is why email marketing aware of the inefficiency and risks that run opts for the permission marketing.
To obtain the consent of the client, it is key to offer an added value, a very important concept and that many portals and companies forget as it is a determining factor in the failure of many companies ".com ". That is, the key is to offer you a benefit, which does not have to be a gift or an offer, it can be more information about something that interests you. That is, consent is obtained through an exchange of benefits. He gives his permission for the company to send him information and this, in return, gives him a consideration
But, it has also been proven that it is not enough to get the client's permission and confirm, but what is important is to maintain a regular communication as it will provide a better knowledge of your customers allowing you, also, have updated and activated your databases. Information. The key is to "convert the stranger into a friend, the friend into a client, the client into a loyal client and a loyal client into a prescriber."

2. Advantages and disadvantages of email marketing

Like any marketing tool, email marketing has its followers and detractors. It has countless benefits and serves many useful things, but it also has its weaknesses or drawbacks. Therefore, I want to show you the ones that for me are the most important advantages and disadvantages of this type of marketing.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is not an easy strategy. It requires certain knowledge and to know your client or lead. Leaving aside that, it has some advantages or benefits that are worthy of comment and that you can benefit from in your marketing plan.
  • It converts very well: The reason for this is simple, you are getting into your client's mail, a site that can be visited up to 10 times a day according to some studies
  • It is fast and efficient: Just adapt your message and send it, it is not necessary to do odd things or know how to make complicated multiplications
  • You can customize your message: This type of marketing allows you to personalize your messages for different types of clients, and you can even get to do marketing one to one
  • You can easily measure the status and effectiveness of your emails: With metrics such as the number of emails sent, the number of open emails (which opened or did not open), the number of people who are not registered, etc., you can make tracking your campaigns
  • You have answers and automatic sending: Although automatic responses have to be careful with them (that is why personalizing the message), automatic sending or automation is a very interesting tool, with which you can prepare a series of automated emails designed to sell A service or product

Disadvantages of Email Marketing

Email marketing has fascinating benefits, but it also has certain drawbacks or disadvantages that you should know. They are not very worrisome, but knowing them will make you much more cautious, and your campaigns are much more successful.
  • Do not pass the spam filter: There is no guarantee that your emails will be received in the client's inbox (also, individuals may delete an email from someone who is not on their contact list)
  • Low opening rate: It's not easy to keep subscribers actively involved with your company's publications in the long run (that's why it's so important to stand out and offer a lot of value)
  • It requires a series of expenses and labor: It takes human and technological resources to deliver a newsletter or newsletter with success (although email marketing is very cheap, if you exceed a certain line, a judge can come to consider your Mails like " useless spam ")
  • E-mail overload: Users receive so many emails daily that when you submit yours, it may be difficult for the individual to distinguish between unsolicited and unwanted e-mail, as well as having time to read it thoroughly. Matter, that's why it's critical)
  • Requires a process of creativity: I put it at a disadvantage because I think, if you are not willing to carry it, do not start an email marketing strategy

3. Frequent Mistakes When Sending Emails

On the other hand, before starting an email marketing campaign, one must try to avoid a series of mistakes very common among the most novice. I will try to overtake all of them, but if you see any missing, please let me know in the comments.

Do not do any type of email marketing

Not knowing the email marketing is a sin and not applying it, an even greater one. A common mistake is not creating a list of subscribers or prospects and not sending them personalized email marketing campaigns. One of the tasks of business, both physical and online, is to generate business and sales, so starting to create a quality mailing list should be the goal of any company or brand, whatever nature.

Do not use specialized email marketing platforms

There are two types of platforms you can use for your online business. On one side are the tools that you can install on your computer and those that you contract for a monthly payment in the format of online platforms. The objective is to find market segments. The platforms online email marketing are dedicated to delivering mass emails. The advantage of these applications is that, in addition to doing something that is not easy to do yourself, include compliance with anti-spam rules and privacy policies
Normally, when you do not have a conception about emailing, and you send the emails from a server or web hosting. So there is a good chance that this server has broken some rules and you are blocked by spam filters (and very annoying), even though you have not done anything wrong. Whenever the server from which you are sending the emails (whether it is your fault or not) is sanctioned or blacklisted, your emails will directly go to the dreaded junk mail so you can hire one of the platforms named above A very great wish for the development of the campaign.

Do not pay attention to the sender and the subject

As I mentioned at the beginning of this guide, content does not only mean controlling what you write in the body of the message. There is much more. If you do not make the content attractive and flashy, all effort will be nothing. The first thing that the user of your email sees is the subject, so it is a crucial first test for your email. You must overcome it by attracting the user to open it and become interested in the content (even if it is in the spam folder). You have to deal with the matter with the utmost care.
On the other hand is the sender, i.e., the email or title of the person/company that sends the message, another of the parties that are seen first. This should be recognized or familiar to the recipient. Otherwise, it will not open. It is important that the beginning of the message relates as soon as possible to the sender and to the subject

Not knowing whether to create long or short emails

The length or extension of your emails will depend on what you want to achieve. Unfortunately, there is no empirical or magic formula that works for everyone. If you want to sell a product, it will be better to be brief and direct. On the other hand, if you want to attract users to generate more traffic, you may have to do it longer to create engagement in your own mail, and you will be left wanting more. Finally, if you want to be loyal, the formality and the long duration would be theirs.
Regardless of the length of emails, there are strict measures that you should always follow. The first one would be to write in the first person singular, even when sending massive emails (it will be important to create a "model" client to go directly to him). You also have to create simple, familiar vocabulary texts that are easy to read, learn and understand with background noise or other drawbacks.
Another point would be to write specific texts that do not give rise to other issues or extend too many to focus the reader's attention on another topic that is not the one that suits you. So the answer to the question about whether they should be long or short is simple: they should be interesting, no matter how short or long. It does not matter the extension but the value of the content.

Not having a call to action

Every message you send in an email marketing campaign must have a clear and concise point of attraction, which relates to the subject and the primary objective of the campaign. This point is then used to measure the results so it will serve as the axis of the strategy. If you change the axis, you have to change the strategy and vice versa. This point is essential, and it is important to repeat, in greater or lesser measure, in each campaign. The main attraction should be clear, easy to identify and measurable by your self-responder.

Do not be consistent with the frequency of sending

Although it is the last, it is not less important. Although it does not seem too important, being regular and consistent in sending the emails is also very important for your email marketing campaign. It can be a very serious mistake if you do not control it properly. You have to impose a sequence of submissions, always being consistent with the contents. The relationship is your subscribers grows when trust grows and grow trust is needed a contact frequency

4. Essential Keys Before You Start With Email Marketing

First of all, as with almost everything in the online world (if you do not look at the process of creating a successful blog ), you must define your target audience. If you know the people who are going to read your emails, it will be much easier to decide what to send them and what they can consider quality and valuable information. To do this, you must start by defining your strategy goals. I ask myself several questions:
  • Why email marketing and no other strategy?
  • What is the purpose of your email marketing strategy?
  • How will this strategy help existing marketing efforts?
  • How will you join or complement each other's marketing efforts?
  • What is the lead generation process you are currently using?
  • How will email marketing help you generate leads?
  • Do you get in touch with your customers regularly?
  • Will it replace email marketing with any other complement of communication?
Building a customer database is critical in email marketing. Some of this information may include personal information (name, surname, email, telephone, etc.), demographic (age, gender, etc.) and subscriber status (when registered, activity, openings, etc.subscribers,). If you already have a subscriber, your registration method can be used to help identify them.
For example, if they subscribed during the payment process through your online store, they are customers. Those who subscribed through the website or at a public event (fairs, etc. ), would be more a general audience unless you have segments created, where they can choose what they want to receive and what not. If you do not have subscribers, you'll have to start working to grow your mailing list through an emailing campaign, which I'll explain a little further down.

5. Best Email Marketing Tools

Before starting, I want to show you some tools that I recommend to design and create effective email marketing campaigns. All I have tried, so I can tell you the good and the bad of each one, and you already decide for yourself which is the one that best suits your needs.
GetResponse is presented as the easiest email marketing software on the market, which is good if you do not have much idea of all this and you need something simple that fulfills its function correctly. Some of the primary features that I find in this program are the ability to create and edit emails, design landing pages, design responsive emails, create test emails with different lists, auto responder system, advanced statistics, create forms, airbag, brakes ABS and parking attendant.
Further. Has more than 500 responsive email designs automatically without the need for you to do anything other than entertain while you choose, saving you hours and hours of design work and opening a door for your business. The possibility of taking advantage of your competitors is closer than you thought, is not it?
MailChimp, one of the most complete tools for managing email marketing campaigns, comes with a clean and elegant interface, which allows you to manage profiles, create subscriber lists, specify scheduled tasks, edit your emails with an HTML editor and take control Statistic of the impact of your emails. About statistics, according to the results, shows you, for example, the best time to send our campaigns. This functionality is very useful to see when your subscribers are more receptive.
Among the many existing platforms for creating and monitoring email marketing campaigns, Doppler stands out, one of the best known for creating subscriber databases, segmenting in lists, creating newsletters, sending emails and getting reports.
This email marketing tool allows you to import data from other services and providers to create subscriber lists. You can import emails from your subscribers into the system by identifying each field in the file (csv, xls, etc.). That way you can have, in a few minutes, a well-segmented database with name, surname, email, telephone, address, city, profession, etc., ready to be filtered and segmented.
Aweber is one of the favorite tools of bloggers and professionals in the online marketing sector. It has the peculiarity of offering a large number of adaptable forms, for companies that want to sell through the internet. This, coupled with the creation and management of newsletters, makes it a fascinating tool for users.
Campaign Monitor is a good choice for large corporations that need to send large numbers of emails. They have a tool called Worldview that is used to view a map in real time with the geolocation of reading emails. It has an assistant to create emails that will allow you to create very attractive designs, which can increase the opening rate of your campaigns
iContact is an email marketing tool that allows you to communicate with your users in an economic, personalized and targeted manner. With it you will be able to control all the factors that affect the conversion, among them:
  • Possibility of segmenting your shipments based on the variables that increase your sales: If you want your success rates to grow exponentially it is important that you send the right email to the right person at the right time
  • Gallery of themed templates to be able to create creative messages without technical knowledge, design or programming: You can access a wide gallery of thematic templates for email marketing thought and designed to suit all types of business sectors
  • Control of results with analytics and simple and visual reports: It is so important to have real-time data about openings, clicks, downloads, bounces, devices or browsers, as well as making it easy to make the right decisions
  • Campaign Optimizer Test A / B so you can do all the tests you need: The results will automatically decide which items to use
  • Management of casualties and automatic bounces: If you did not have this option it would be a pain to have to delete one by one the records that are written down
  • Autoresponders and automatic shipments: Management of automatic shipments from your interface, to be able to sell in "autopilot."
  • Possibility to amplify and viral your message in social networks: It has options and social buttons that will make your message much easier to share and viral in social media
  • Synchronize your CRM through APIs: By doing this, you get a fast and efficient management of information in an automated way
Constant Contact is an email marketing tool that allows you to create, send and manage your email campaigns quickly, as well as offering complete statistics. It includes proprietary technologies to capture information, not just subscribers who click on the newsletters of your email marketing campaigns but also those who open it.

6. Designing an Email Marketing Campaign

The design of the email marketing campaign aims to reach the target audience that you have designated. The process is not long, but the fact that you have to keep things clear, especially when it comes to claiming, message and target refer. Think that you are going to spend time and effort in this process, so take care of it to the maximum.

Inform yourself and ask for help if necessary

First, before beginning to invest time and effort (especially if you do not have knowledge about the subject), ask for help or advice from colleagues in your profession or allies and professionals in the industry (make sure they have experience and have done it before Or are doing so today). The idea is to feed on your observations and experiences. You can even ask them to share your knowledge and information with you to contribute to your email marketing campaign

Be clear on the purpose of your campaign

After this energizing first step, in which you have soaked yourself with wisdom and resources, you are ready to start creating and designing your campaign, but first, you must remember the key points of your emailing campaign
  • Have a master plan that can be changed or updated as you launch the campaign
  • To reach your audience, you must cultivate and maintain your subscribers
  • Optimize your campaigns and try to be personalized to get more sales
  • Build loyalty with client and the same will promote you and your contacts
  • Use the right tools to help you create and implement your plan
  • Never forget to keep track of your campaign results
So just start organizing your plan. For this, I recommend opening an Excel document and placing 3 sections. The first is " Planning," where you will write about when and where the e-mail will be published. The second one would be " Tests," where you will do the tests. The third and last would be the " Results," where will go the information regarding the results of the campaign. As a trick, I advise you to put different colors for each section, so you can see them easily.

Plan the email

As part of the plan I mentioned before, you have to plan the content: the subject of the email, owner, status, subject line, email link, goal, target segment, contact list to send, personalization signs, link To image file, share links or social buttons. With content you have to take into account a series of points to make a selection of real objectives:
  • Week of the month: This means that if you send more than 3 emails per week to the same customer, you have to rethink your strategy. Keep in mind that you are not the only person or company that sends emails to that same audience, and you have to be careful about what you send, the way you do it and the frequency. Believe me, you do not want to send emails to an audience that does not want to see anything of yours in their inboxes (in the end it will be completed in demand, do not play with this)
  • Email theme: You have to set the subject of the email, which comes to be what the email is meant to communicate. Eg new trends, magazines, travel discounts, charity, event,... What is your topic?
  • Subject Line: here is what your subscriber will find in the email and what the content will be. In this step, you want to get into the client's house, in his mind or in his heart. To do this, you must attract with a good subject, to open your email. To do this, you have to think and find a very attractive subject line. You must send emails that your customers can not ignore
  • Objective: It is easy, What do you hope to accomplish with email? The answer can be leadership, increasing percentage of clicks or traffic, events, inscriptions and a long, etc.
  • HTML: It still continues to make people that people prefer the option for text, so raise your email and pass it to HTML (if you do not know, you can always lean on Fiverr )
On the other hand, you must set the objectives of the email marketing campaign: promotion of products or services, customer loyalty, recruitment of subscribers and invitations to courses, events or product tests or seminars. It will also be of crucial importance the software that you are going to use to make the shipment, with which we will also have to coordinate your database and receive information.
In addition to dealing with all these types of issues, you should focus on the main thing, which is to develop a clear and concise message and understand how to create and produce these messages. To do this, personalize the email (it must appear in the name of the sender, but also the name of the receiver must appear) to create an instant tuning between your company and the person. Also, place a great and striking title, generate the sense of belonging, add the direct contact in the same message and include any links you create of interest (for example, the contact page).
The graphic design is secondary, but not without appealing to the general message. You have to be careful with your graphic choices, so you do not have to deal with legal or technical issues. The graphics, photos, icons, flash animations, audios or videos are just some of the possibilities that you will have to attract your subscriber or potential client.
The design of the landing page should not be abusive because, with a little optimization, it will significantly improve sales. Lately also have been excited the simulation of shipments, to test the whole process, create test users within the database we have, test with different modifications of the original message and subject line, check that all work The links and that the text is coherent and literally adequate.

Test and contrast results

Make testing your emails, your affairs, image, the layout of your call to action, the placement of the links and buttons to share on social networks. You want to encourage people to open your e-mail and share it with others, so you must put social exchange links in a clear way.
Imagine that, fortunately, someone decides to open your email and click on your link. There must, therefore, be a landing page prepared for your user to make the decision to purchase your product or service. I mean colors, characters, sizes of these characters, images, photos, and videos, everything you can optimize better.
After all the effort and time you've spent to "put" that person on that page, you will not want to lose it after getting the hardest thing and getting it to click on the last step right? Well be careful with this page and take care of it. If people can not see the page clearly or are not attractive enough why are they supposed to spend their time and spend their money on it?

Start to include email marketing in your communication mix

The email marketing is a powerful channel for almost all businesses, both physical and online. While most channels are volatile and subject to change, such as SEO and social networks, email marketing is built over time and becomes a pillar of your business that will continue to drive your business to infinity.
Email marketing is good for almost everything. There are virtually no limits on how far you can segment customers, across multiple channels, and customize your communication to speak directly to them and reach your heart. Do not spend more time and get ahead of your competition with an email campaign, especially now that you know how simple it is and the advantages that can offer you.
What did you find this guide to understand email marketing? Do you think I left anything? Do you have any experience you want to tell? Did you have any doubts or questions? Then I ask you to leave a comment. It does not matter whether it is doubt or a simple thank you, but I will be very glad to read it and answer it.

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