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How to be an Influencer (Influencer) in Social Networks

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Would you like to be an influencer in social networks? I guess so. Especially if you are in the virtual world and you have a company. Well, we tell you that to be influential in these social media is not necessary to be the most important person in the world or be one of the most famous celebrities, since anyone with initiative, motivation, and knowledge in social networks, can become influential. Here are the steps to follow.

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Social Selling is the use of social networks by sales teams to identify, qualify and establish conversations with potential customers.

Steps to Become an Influential

1. Plan and Organize

At this point, it is more than certain that you already have accounts on different social networks. Well in this first step we recommend you stop to plan and organize how you are going to share high-quality content through blogs, Google +, Facebook and other social media. This means that you must have writing, publishing and interaction schedules. It will certainly take time, but it is best that you get used to it from the beginning.

2. Acquiring Extra Knowledge

Although you already have the basic knowledge of how social platforms work, it is not too familiar with SEO (search engine optimization) and online writing. You should also learn more about the topic you are going to share in social networks to establish your first presence, with the aim of contributing and building a community.

3. Give Your Point of View

Give your point of view or make a comment according to what you think will be better, than write topics that others have already mentioned. This means that you must write unique and original content that contribute to the subject you are focusing on. This way you will differentiate yourself from the other editors who share content just by having followers.

4. Choose the Ideal Social Environment

If you want your influence to grow according to the point of view you have on a particular topic, you must choose one or several social platforms like Facebook, blogs, Twitter and Google +, LinkedIn. Where you will publish them, as each one must have A different wording because each has its target audience.

5. Write Properly

Here comes the knowledge of writing that you must acquire, since it is not enough to write any content or title, but it must be a creative one that catches the attention of the user, that is, it should evoke the interest of the readers. To do this they must practice consistently, it will be better in the first few months when the community is still small.

6. Get Support from a Text Editor

Even if you become an expert in writing headlines and good content, you'll always have misspellings to correct. This is due to custom or common mistakes that we must eliminate. For this it will be necessary that there is a person behind watching the writing before it goes out to the public.

7. Choose Distribution Channels

Distribution channels refers to the media you are going to use to get the content you have posted on a blog or in a social medium. For example if I choose to create content on a blog or in Google Plus, I can distribute them through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

8.- Encourage Interaction (Comment, Share, Retweet, etc):

When you publish a note always encourages interaction, as these actions will make you more famous and will be taken into account at the level of influence. Even more so if you write for a blog you must make it to be shared on Facebook or Twitter.

9. Creative Titles

You do not need to have ability for titles, you just need to search Google and titles related to lists with a language of empowerment seem to work, as do the words that allude to the mystery (secret).

10. Use SEO in the Contents

As you know SEO is used to ensure search engine positioning. That is why it is important to write good content that is convincing. This means that it is original and that proper research has been done. And of course it is always convenient to use some keywords that people can use to find the information.

11. Follow Influential People

In social media, in terms of content, there is no competition, I think more than that there is reciprocity because the information that is published will serve both us and others. Therefore we must be original.
So far we have given you the necessary steps you need to take to become influential people. If you have additional steps write a comment to add them in the article. If you found the information useful, do not forget to give it "like."

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