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How to Create a Social Media Strategy for Your Online Store

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If you own an online store, you will have noticed that e-commerce have certain advantages that help you to grow optimally. One of them is the fast way to reach your ideal market.

How to create a social media strategy for your online store

Today, most internet users are present on social networks, including your target audience. And to get to it, not only is it enough to create a profile, strategies must be implemented that capture their attention and lead them to make a conversion.
In this post, we will help to create a social media strategy with which you can make a powerful connection between your client and brand, to create significant benefits for your online store.
Establish the necessary social networks

Establish objectives

Many virtual store owners consider that the goals are an unnecessary step to obtain results, but what they do not realize is that those results are part of some objective.
Setting up goals are fundamental to a strategy, as these sets are the path that should be followed. It may be difficult at first, but take the time to think about what your online store is looking for through social media. From there, you can start with proposals, until you find the desired goal.
Some objectives for a social media strategy may be:
  • Make known a brand or product.
  • Ranking your potential online store.
  • Create engagement among customers.
  • Manage the online reputation of the brand.
Depending on the situation in which your brand is, select those that help you improve it and prioritize so that the purpose of the strategy is not confused in the way.
Establish objectives

Make the message

Once you have collected the necessary information to establish your strategy, it is time to work on the message that you are going to pass on to your audience, and that will achieve the fulfillment of your goals.

Create content

The content is the basis of operation of a marketing strategy and must meet certain characteristics to capture the attention of the audience: value, relevance, and originality.
Although it is known that content is everything, many brands in electronic commerce do not dare to propose it because of the complexity that becomes its elaboration. However, the content need not be a complex text, there are several creative proposals with which you can convey your message, you only need to choose the right one for each social network.

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Two points must be considered before starting to publish the content:
  • The schedules.
  • The number of publications.
In some social networks, the traffic is handled by schedules, there are hours where it is greater and schedules where the scope can be null. However, these rules do not apply in the same time zone or for the same audience. So the first few weeks will test your content so you can identify when the interaction with your audience is greater.
Similarly, each network has a rhythm of publication, some 10 publications considered acceptable, and other daily publications maximum is reduced to 2. From the platforms you've selected for your social media strategy, you will know what the number of publications is must perform every day, to address the audience to your online store.
We recommend creating a calendar where you can organize and update your publications.

Calls to action

Content that contributes value is necessary to achieve the objectives of your strategy. Include call-to-action on them, it can spark the interest of your target audience by knowing more about your brand. The reason why, do not forget to add a call to action that invites your audience to make a conversion, in each publication.

Spread by Ads

Do you want to achieve greater reach? You can promote your content through the ads offered by different platforms. And you can even create campaigns and optimize costs, so you get multiple conversions with a small investment.


To see if your strategy is working, you should monitor your social networks daily. Only then will you know if your content is meeting the objectives if the audience is going to your online store and what is your opinion about it.
The majority of social networks have their analysis section where you can find valuable data to help you make decisions about your strategy.


Finally, once you have the report of the results that your strategy has obtained, it is time to analyze them to know what changes should be implemented for better performance in future strategies.
Remember that practice and constant monitoring will optimize your strategies until you reach the results that your online store is looking for.

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