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How to Delete Files from SD Card

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Hundreds of people have asked me the same thing: what are half of the folders that appear on the SD card of our Android. And most importantly, which of them can be erased? What's the truth, if we look at the SD Card of a person who has had several Androids for quite some time, scares a lot. A straightforward and immediate solution is to delete the folders that have names of applications that are not already installed. But then you find folders called /data/xkcd./ Lumos / alohomora and you do not know whether to delete them or not. Luckily for all of us, there is an application that will help us: SD Maid.

How to Delete Files from SD Card

SD Maid

SD Maid basically scans to the smallest detail our SD and looks up all the junk folders that have been created. And logically, it helps us to delete them with a simple click. But actually, SD Maid goes much further. Let's see in more detail the functions of this excellent application:

Extra functions

First, we have in the top menu a few extra features that are not anything special. We have a file explorer, a particular file browser, and an application control to show/hide applications. What I said, nothing special.

Finder corpses [Root]

Here the fun begins. We just have to press the check button so that the app is in charge of finding all the trash of our SD. And I assure you that you will be frightened, as I have done. Then we press to clean everything to leave everything like new. This action takes a long time. Then I leave you, for example, the amount of junk content you had because of the seesmic application. And this is just an application, nor do I tell you in general.

Clean system [Root]

Another pretty cool feature. In a click, we will be able to wipe all the data that was superceded in our system like temporary files, logs or small images that are are not in use. Very useful really.

Clean applications [Root] [Pro]

In this section, we see how much data you use each application and cleaning to save space. This option is only available in the Pro version of payment.

Duplicates [Pro]

As its name suggests, we can find the duplicates that exist in our SD or more SD (internal and external). Quite useful the truth, in my case I have found an excessively large number of duplicates. Again it is only available for the Pro version.

Larger files

It shows a list of the 50 largest files in our SD. Basically, it serves us to find that file that we had forgotten, and that is occupying all the space in our SD. Very useful and available to everyone.


A few extra tools for our amusement. Among them, we can delete the history of the Market, view the files that have been modified in the last X minutes or optimize the databases. These extra tools will expand over time.

As you can see, SD Maid is a very, very complete tool. Although you will have also seen that to enjoy 100% have to be root, even if not completely unavailable. I remember that normally becoming root only takes 5 minutes and is harmless, and of course installing applications like SD Maid is one of the reasons to do so. For everything else, the application has two versions, one free and one payment, whose differences I have already specified in the analysis
Personally, SD Maid is a must have app for all Android. So you know;)

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