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How to Get Followers on your LinkedIn Company Page?

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In the last few years, LinkedIn has become the professional network by excellence, an ideal way to connect job seekers, companies and also their customers, in which all parties benefit. This social network is giving companies the opportunity to manage and recruit employees, publicize their services, products or ideas and expand their professional connections.

How to Get Followers on your LinkedIn Company Page?

Today we will focus on the company pages on LinkedIn, and one of the first actions to be taken when a profile is created Company is to build the authority of your brand in the middle, getting you to recognize, consider and remember as a relevant company to take into account. And so we must get quality followers that allow you to interact and inspire authority and leadership in your sector.Así without further ado let's see how we can make do with the question, How to get followers on your company page on LinkedIn ?.
Here are some tips we can follow to create authority and a real community on LinkedIn:

1. Setup and Give a Professional Look to your LinkedIn Profile

First of all is to have an effective landing page with a professional appearance, that immediately after entering the company's page on LinkedIn you see a serious, committed and close to the customer.
We should not forget the information and essential elements that should appear in every company profile:

An Attractive Cover

If we make the main image of our page attractive to the visitor and pleasing to the eye, we have a lot already won, since surely this will enable our visitors to continue looking and reading the rest of information on our page. And accompany these images of a slogan that in a few words can represent the values of our company better than better.

Logo Profile Photo

This image is going to accompany all the articles that we put on LinkedIn, so it is advisable to also be a quality image or logo and the more attractive and better.

A Concise Description

Here we have to be able to define ourselves in a few paragraphs and make known everything we can do for our clients. Our experience in the sector, how the work is done, success stories... in short, we sell ourselves in the best way possible to our eyes of the client in a few words.

Contact Information

We should not forget to include on our page the links to our website, blog... as well as ways to contact the company (email, phone, fax...) and other social networks in which it is present.

Products and Services

Another essential part of our website is to let the customer know the products and services offered by the company, accompanying them with a description, images, and links.

2. Share Quality Content both own and other Influential People and Companies in the Industry

It is very important to generate value around our brand, and that better than with the quality content of the blog of the company website, since you generate traffic. You make those interested in your sector come to your page when they look for information of interest, and That the company is seen as a good reference in your area of work.
But we can also help, from other influential people in the sector, and write quality content that may be interesting for our community. Since for any niche surely there are already opinion leaders in your area and a large audience interested in that content.

3. Recommendations of Our Customers in our Products or Services Offered

After having done a good job with our customers. It is worth asking them to make a recommendation of the product or service that we have offered them, and thus possible new customers who visit our LinkedIn page to find information about our products and services Also have good references from other customers, and with it an additional reason to contract the service.

4. Interacting Continuously

At first, you probably will not get too many people, but as you see that you share interesting and quality content, they will start sharing, commenting and taking into account all the content shared on your page, as they will consider you a source of relevant information. So it is worth having a continuous search for quality content as well as creating your own and exciting content on the company blog.

5. Participation in the Groups

Here is the great opportunity to establish and strengthen relationships with influential people in our industry on LinkedIn since in all of them people meet daily to share and discuss content and give different opinions about the field that encompasses each group.
Every company should dedicate a little time to these groups every day, since it is the fastest and most efficient way to grow the company on LinkedIn, using tricks such as:
- Ask intelligent and exciting questions that generate a debate around.
- Respond in a clear and detailed way to the doubts that arise in the group, thus showing your knowledge on the subject.
- Acquire knowledge and information that may be useful for your company.

6. Use Other Social Networks as a Bridge

In other social networks like Twitter or Google Plus it is relatively easier to get a large community around the company than LinkedIn, so we can take advantage of this and use these social networks to inform our followers who can also follow us on LinkedIn.
A good way is to send a Direct Message on Twitter to each new follower welcoming you and taking advantage of that opportunity to offer you the ability to follow the company on LinkedIn as well.
We can also use the same strategy but with the email, adding in the signature of the email of each employee the symbol of LinkedIn with a link to the page.

7. Create LinkedIn Groups on Company-Related Topics

To be the administrator of a LinkedIn group related to the theme of your company, to make that group very active and to have more users inside. To share content created by your company, to debate and to argue the articles shared by the others besides Your own can make you become a leader in your industry and why not get all this new customers.
And with this, we end up with some ideas for how to get followers on your company page on LinkedIn.
Do these tips seem appropriate? Would you add any more?

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