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What is Shopify Plus and How Does it Work?

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The digital world puts at our disposal very powerful tools to develop business. While we believe that online marketing is just about social networking, social media or social network, we are wrong.

What is Shopify Plus and how does it work?

For those who have an online store with considerable growth and has achieved a sales volume high enough, time management in expanding its business becomes a key point.
Once an online store has stabilized and is generating growth, strategies should focus on brand management, long-term business volume growth, or online reputation for e-commerce. Undoubtedly, for cases like this, Shopify Plus is the best ally of an online store.

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is one of the most recommended to create online store tools.
This tool stores everything in the cloud allowing access from anywhere in the world to all users who need it. Currently, Shopify Plus exceeds a staggering 180,000 stores e - commerce worldwide, creating more and more and more online business level.
This platform basically focuses on those online stores that experience great growth and that drive a high sales volume.
Shopify Plus is a special way to new entrepreneurs and provides them an entirely reliable, simple and customizable tool, which means that selling online is an easier process regardless of what grow our business.

How Shopify Plus works?

The operation of Shopify is really simple, it is a CMS with the help or service from an expert in web programming is needed or needed to have knowledge of design or programming. Thanks to this tool you can create an online store by investing a little time and in an easy and intuitive way.
We highlight some advantages of its operation such as ease of developing and managing the shop, customizable design, facilities for payment systems and automatic tax, addition of unlimited products, unlimited bandwidth or order management in a few Seconds

Sales in social networks

Interestingly, we say that the increased volume of visits to stores on Shopify coming from social networking has its origin on Facebook, with 63% of visits.
On the other hand, Pinterest contributes 13% of the visits, Twitter 10.5%, and Youtube stays with only 8% of the visits.
The social network Facebook has the highest rate of conversion of visits compared with other social networks, which is a quality traffic for Shopify.

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