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How to Get Your first Customers in less than 5 days

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Any small business faces a big challenge in its opening days: how to get customers when you do not have a buyers base or nobody knows your brand yet. No matter how innovative or original your product or service is: if consumers do not know you exist, it is impossible for them to be attracted to what you sell.

How to get your first customers in less than 5 days

Although getting your first customers can be a challenging task for your business, here I am going to show you 8 effective strategies that will help you make it easier and with which you can make your first sale in less than a week.

How to get new clients in less than 5 days

1. Know who your customers are

I will never tire of repeating it because it is the first golden rule in any sales strategy: if you want to find customers for your business, you must know them first.

How? By asking you several questions to determine your exact profile, so that you can know and focus on offering what you really need. Some questions to think about are:
  • What ages do they have?
  • Are they women, men, children?
  • What do you really value?
  • How can your product or service help you?
  • Why will they buy you and not your competition?
  • In what physical places and social networks make your customer move?
Once you have answered, you can begin to create specific messages to attract them where they move (both physical and online).

2. Give them free samples

We all buy new items without knowing if they will work the way we want them, but being able to try something before buying it makes us more confident and more confident that our acquisition is correct.
So prepare some free samples of your products to give your potential customers and offers a free service to demonstrate how good your service is.
For example, if you give courses you can provide a free little class as a demonstration.
Be careful with this method and calculate well if what you spend on these promotions will get you more customers or just people who want to take advantage of and get free samples.
For these samples, offer the remaining surplus of your products; For the demonstrations, try to have a good group of people around when you make them so that more people see the results of your service.

3. Promote yourself in an original way

This strategy may take a little pinch of your budget, but I assure you it is infallible.
Surely to promote your business you've thought of handing out street advertising, right? But why not change those annoying pamphlets for something more fun and remember better?
For example, you can buy bottles of water, remove their labels, and paste others with the logo, name, and address or website of your business, and distribute them on the street in some area where you know there may be customers for your business
Think of an item that you can buy in bulk for a low price, that can be useful for several people, and stamp the image of your business and the data so that they can visit it.
Surely this will be very difficult for you to forget!

4. Use social networks

In the past there has been that time when we only used Facebook to upload personal photos and comment on those of our friends; Now, social networks have become the advertising heart of any company that values itself.

Use the profile you developed in the first point to know who your customers are and look at what platforms are moving.
Create an account in each of them and publish promotions, information of your products, content that may be useful ...
Do not be afraid to contact by this means with influencers that can give a boost to your business: engage in conversations with them, show them what you sell, send them if necessary samples, and ask them to promote you even if it is just mentioning you.

5. Go to events in your sector

Visit the fairs, exhibitions, and conventions related to your industry that is held to offer attendees information about your business, as well as getting contacts and potential new clients.

In this type of event, you can even find investors and prospective partners who receive valuable advice to give you, even more, success in your venture.

6. Start a newsletter to attract customers

A newsletter (or newsletter) can be very useful to attract customers new to the Internet; Although, of course, you will need to have a web page or blog to start it.

Create unique and engaging content and then give your site visitors completely free when they subscribe to your newsletter. This will not only position you as an expert, but you will also get emails from future clients.
When you already have those email addresses, you can start communicating with these potential customers by offering information, promotions, and discounts on your business.

7. Offers discounts with time limit

To get customers in the shortest possible time, you can create special promotions for the first buyers. For example, delivering valid discount coupons for 15 or 30 days.
This will ensure that these people buy your products or test your services as fast as possible, so you do not lose those vouchers you have delivered; Without counting that you will form a client base in a few days.
Write down the first and last names and the e-mail address of these first clients so that you can offer them special offers in the months following your first purchase.

8. Teach your work

Customers want to see results, but how are you going to show them if you've never worked with them? The best place to start is to create a robust online portfolio (a kind of catalog of your best services or products).
There are many ways to display these types of portfolios online, ranging from:
  • Create an entire webpage
  • A single page that is a portfolio within your blog
  • Or with links in social networks
Once you have chosen the best method to show what you are selling, consider including the logos of the companies you have previously worked with (if applicable) and a video introducing you and showing your best merchandise.
By creating an online portfolio you are not only giving your customers an idea of the quality of your work, but you are also establishing a trust in them that will know that when the time comes, you can handle the work that you are charged.

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