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How to Increase RAM of any Android Smartphone Without Root

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Today, Google Play has more than one million applications of all kinds. The limit regarding apps is your imagination .... and of course, the RAM of your device. Have you tried a lack of fluency and memory when starting applications? Do you want to end the lag? Find out how to increase the RAM of your Android smartphone in the following lines.

What is RAM?

RAM is random access memory. It is a memory in which all the instructions are executed that execute the processor and other units of computation. It can read and write in a memory location, and it is not necessary to follow a certain order to access the information. Due to the lack of order, the information we ask (open applications, files, etc ...) is done faster.
You can increase this memory without being the root user. Follow the steps below, and you will notice a clear improvement in your terminal.

Widgets and moving wallpapers

Many people, including myself, use a lot of widgets on their screen, sometimes combined with these wallpapers that are on the move. Well, those processes need RAM to run continuously as they do. Those little fish or drops of water that fall from top to bottom on your screen take away space in RAM for other things. So, think twice about choosing a wallpaper or another wallpaper or before adding a new widget to your desktop.

Disable preinstalled applications

Many applications come preinstalled to which we do not matter. Even when you do not use an app continuously day after day, they could start a task in the background consuming RAM without your knowledge. Because preinstalled apps can not be uninstalled, you can simply disable them. To do this from 'applications' select the one you do not want and select "disable" the application will not run in the background or receive updates that will lighten the load of RAM.

Close multitasking apps

Simple and efficient, just go to the multitasking screen. Go to the multitask button on your smartphone (a square or a few bars depending on the model), and you will see that all recently used applications are there, slide your finger to close them, this way you also save memory.
From Android 6.0 Marshmallow you can see how much memory each application consumes. In Settings> Storage> Memory used by applications. So you can see which application you should disable or, if necessary, uninstall.

Disable animations

Animations look pretty good when moving between menus and opening applications, but they eat lots of RAM! If we go to the developer options (if we do not have them, we must go to phone options, and press 10 times in the number of compilation to activate them), we can deactivate them to get more fluency on the phone. This option is especially for those who care more about performance than aesthetics. Visually, the performance improvement is palpable.
We must go to Developer Options -> Advanced Settings -> Animation, and we deactivate the box, the animations will disappear.

Change the launcher

If you use an alternative launcher that is predefined on your phone, change can be your best ally.
Some launchers consume less memory because they use fewer background processes, fewer animations, or fewer functions. The lightest pitcher we know is APUS.

Is there a way you can use it to be different from what we tell you to improve RAM? Tell us about it!

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