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How to know if there is any Spying App on your Cell Phone

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Today I want to explain how to protect you from the attacks and hacking attempts of your cell phone as well as if you installed a spy application on your mobile.

How to check if your cell phone has spy apps installed?

Could it be that this super offer in cellular telephony actually made her a delinquent-looking to steal your information? You saved a lot of money by buying a second-hand cell phone, and now you notice that your registered usage time is more than it should be, your battery runs out quickly, and you see strange things like that your phone turns on when you are not using it.
These signals may indicate that you have a tracking application installed on your cell phone.

Ways in which thieves will try to cheat you with a phone they offer for sale:

  1. Take random photographs to see what valuables you have in your house.
  2. They listen to phone calls to attack you emotionally, maybe send a text message pretending to be your child, saying you need to send money right away through the Western Union because you have financial problems.
  3. They get their geographic locations to know where they are and when they are not at home so they can enter their home undetected.
  4. They use a keylogger to get their access codes to banking applications or credit card and PayPal keys. With this you have to be very careful, you can leave your bank accounts to 0.

How to avoid being spied through your cell phone?

In general, resetting to factory conditions on the phone eliminates a spyware application. The phone you purchased may have had a factory reset. However, the thief may install a tracking application later. It is best to perform a reset on the phone again. Install an anti-spyware application to make sure the device is not monitored. There are apps like Malwarebytes that will look for strange things like hidden files and applications and let you know if they find any.

How to protect your cell phone from installing a spyware application

Now that you know how powerful spy apps are for mobile phones, here's how to protect yourself:
  1. Never leave your phone out of sight. People can install a tracking application on their phone in 90 seconds.
  2. Do not give your cell phone number to people you do not know very well. It's best to give them your social network account IDs because there are spy apps that can track the cell if they know your mobile number.
  3. Keep an anti-spyware application on your phone and run a daily check.
  4. Using apps for phones like Mind Wallet and Lock Screen Widget
  5. Do not check your online banking application or pay with PayPal while connected to public WiFi. It may be tempting to pay for a product you just won on eBay while you are using the free WiFi of McDonald's, but this is a destination for thieves who use scavenging tools through public WiFi with weak security. They are looking for iTunes, bank information, or credit card information and will not even know that your account has been drained by the next time you check your account statement or receive an alert when it is too late.
  6. Use apps like App Notifier to alert you every time an app is installed on your phone. Disable "Install from unknown sources" in your phone's security settings. You can manually activate this to install an application you want and then deactivate it again.
So you know if you think your cell phone may be being tracked, or your WhatsApp conversations, follow my advice and avoid big problems One more time I only ask you to share if it seems interesting and you can help other people thank you and see you next time.

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