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How to locate your stolen or lost Android (smartphone or tablet)

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Do you have an Android smartphone? Have you lost it? Have they stolen you? Discover how to locate your phone from any computer via Android Device Manager and menu settings of your account of Google. It will take you only a few seconds to find it.

1. Have your Google account synced to your smartphone

Surely you already have it, but nothing happens to warn. When you launch an Android phone, the first configuration options ask for a Google account, and most likely you have already done. To make sure, go to the "Settings" menu, to the "Accounts" tab.
There will be the accounts that you have synchronized on your smartphone. Just make sure Google is in between. Eye, this is essential to be able to locate your smartphone later.

2. Go to the Android Device Manager website

Although you are already logged in to your Google account, when you access the Android Device Manager page you will have to do it again as a security measure. There are two things to keep in mind when you sign in:
  • Make sure you're on the right page: Do not let a fake page with authentic look be made with your Google password. All you have to do is make sure the address in the browser bar is the one on the official Android website

  • If you are logging in from a third-party computer, you should use incognito Google Chrome. Doing so will not interfere with our search, and thus we guarantee that the next user of the computer will not be able to access our data. We can do it through the options tab (located to the right of the browser bar) or by pressing the shortcut "Control / Command + Shift + N."

3. Error margin: Within this circle is your smartphone.

From the moment we start the session, the crawl will begin. To do this, the phone will use the cell phone network to which it is connected at that time to triangulate an approximate position. Keep in mind that using only the network, the margin of error of the phone position will be between 600 and 800 meters depending on your location.

This margin can be reduced if we had activated the GPS of the phone. If so, we will know where our smartphone is only 20 meters of error

4. Other options: block, erase or play your smartphone

From the same screen of Android Device Manager, we have several options. To start, next to the name of the phone we have two icons: a pencil, to edit the default name of the smartphone and a GPS point, to redirect the map to our phone.

The interesting options are below:
  • Ring. As the page notifies you, if you press this button, your smartphone will start ringing at full volume for five minutes without interruption, unless you press the power button.
  • Lock. When you lock the phone, you replace your traditional home screen with a password (which you define from the web) and in which you can add a message and a contact phone. Whoever finds your smartphone will see that message and the phone, thus facilitating recovery.
  • Erase. EYE! Only for emergencies. If you have sensitive data on your phone, or selfies that you would prefer the world to not see ... you can always ensure that those data never see the light. Of course, you'd better be safe, because the data will not be recoverable.

5. Locate your mobile from your Google account

Another method to find your lost Android phone is to access the settings of your Google account from the browser. Just log in to the web address https://accounts.google.com and enter your password.
Once inside your account, in the bottom left of the screen will appear the option of "Find your mobile." Clicking on it will redirect you to a screen in which you are offered several options to execute about your lost phone.

One of them is to make it sound, in case you think it is in the vicinity. The tone will sound at full volume even if the smartphone is in mute mode. Locating it using GPS is also another option, with a quite remarkable precision.
Calling it, closing your Google account on the device or deleting all the data stored in it is the other three useful options offered by Google from the menu of My Account.

All of them will be more than enough to find your lost Android smartphone, or at least to minimize the damages derived from carelessness.

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