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Hacking Wifi Passwords on Android 2017 99% Working!

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How to hack Wi-Fi networks, decrypt passwords and skip  security: Learn how to do all this to find out if your Wi-Fi network is vulnerable to attacks, theft of wifi or unwanted connections

Hacking Wifi Passwords on Android 2017 99% Working!

Many users are interested in knowing how to hack wifi with an Android device in 2017. Or how to decrypt WPA, WPA2 or WEP passwords, if you are one of them, well let me tell you that this post does not go "directly" for you, but ... you will get benefit from it because you will possibly get it.

If you do not want to waste time you can download these applications to hack wifi on your mobile phone here:

Download List ↓

WPS Connect
Format: APK | File size: 1.02 MB | Android.
► Download LinkS

You have any doubt? We explain in this video how this applications work to pirate wifi in a simple way, Let's do it:

Replying: can you hack wifi networks on Android?

Before answering it is necessary to clarify that with hacking (in this case) it means to break, to find out or to decipher the password of a network, finally to guess.

The answer is Yes and No. And I say yes because I 'tested' some applications to hack wifi on Android that I have come to "show" the wifi network password of my neighbor as you can see in the following image ...

But ... here comes the answer is No. They may not work on some occasions this and many other wifi apps (out of the 4 that I tried); I already seemed strange that a simple app in seconds, read it well: seconds, I reveal the wifi password on the screen of my android mobile. I say it because I tried to connect and there was no way at some times.

My best Applications for Wifi Hacking

I will only mention two of them since the other two are similar, and I will also comment on how I started them for my own network.

The first and said at the beginning is WPS Connect and the other: Router Keygen. The interface is similar in both.

Measuring the security of our wifi password

When I found these apps and then having apparently decrypted the neighbor's password next door (which was even WPA security), I said: - Now let me experiment with my home wifi network. Before I changed the password of my wifi and I put this one of 10 characters: 'intensity' (to know that the type of encryption WPA accepts from 8 characters at least).

It's a very secure password, so for the WPS Connect program, it would not be "complicated " to show it to me as it did to the other one.

Putting into action:

1) I opened the app, 2) I detected my wifi network, 3) I selected it and go surprise it says "Network not supported." Wow, I wondered ... as I am a guy who wants to know why I started to investigate a little bit and I find out what the list of supported wifi networks are as follows:

  • Some Huawei brand routers.
  • Some D-Link routers.
  • Some InfoStrada and Eircom routers
  • Routers Comtrend and Zyxel (in the case of router keygen).

It's a curious thing if my network name starts with WIFI, why do you say that to me :) ... well, I do not want to confuse you, what the above table actually tries to say is that the list comes from names of coming wifi networks Configured in default or factory when Movistar (case of WLANXXX) or other companies install the router at home and usually come with a numerical password of 10 digits.

Do you have a router listed?

If this is the case, you can try WPS Connect to see if it is true that it breaks your wifi password from your Android mobile and so you can write your own conclusions.

Additional opinion

I do not rely on these applications at 100%, as I said it's funny that it reveals WPA or WP2 passwords of a network in a "minute,"although who knows out there take a surprise and you get it. Some users who have researched a little more know that to break them are used dictionaries, and other tricks or techniques with the old Backtrack 5, Wifislax or other wifi hacking programs (from a computer) and it may even take hours to get the password.

Conclusions and Download of apps

This has been all in this article of which I ask you the following: make it as a perfect excuse to measure if the key of your WiFi network is safe or better said; Check if it goes that this application will catch you.

✰ Now if you want to DOWNLOAD you can proceed here from some of the links:

Download WPS Connect / Router keygen

And by the way, those who want to try these apps I have in my account google drive in these links (I attach the links in plain text, not as a direct link since it is not the purpose of this blog to promote downloads of the same):

Things that should be clear to you if you have read the article.

  • Not all networks are vulnerable or hackable.
  • You will only be able to see the wifi password. If your neighbor never changed the factory password of your router (some - see the previous list).
  • Most apps are not available in the play store (pirating wifi may be considered "illegal" - here judge each according to the use you want to give it).
  • The other two I used and did not mention are WiFi Leads (does it remind you of the "wiki Leads" :)) and WlanAudit.

With all that said, will you still be looking for some application to steal someone else's wifi on your 'android' ?. Do not break the coconut (no) there is any app to pirate wifi that reveals ALL the password, just a matter of luck.

I read, and I look like a newcomer to have tested with my own 'router' - To know that I did it in an intentional way to exemplify and that the users understand how this works:

For there, perhaps, there will be some comment at the end Of this post saying that these things are obvious, but it is not so for all.

Remember that to hack wifi in android 2017 (WEP or WPA keys) it is not necessary to be root (without root) and you can do it following the links mentioned on this page.

The information provided is purely instructive and is not intended to promote intrusion or violation of private networks. Consider using it at your discretion.

Thanks for getting here and see you soon. I encourage you to visit the Wifi category of the blog, maybe there are interesting things for you. Greetings.

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