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How to backup Android and keep your data safe

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In recent articles, we have talked about the importance of backing up our mobile phones to protect the information we stored in. Because sometimes, by the action of a virus, malicious software or operating system failures, Or simply by accident or neglect, the data of our cell phone may be damaged or even disappear. Thanks to the backups  - we can recover the original information.

To carry out a backup is not necessary having advanced knowledge of this world, far from it. Here's how to backup Android phones. The Android operating system is currently installed on more than 90% of users smartphones.

Back up our data

Several backups will have to be made, because in our device we store different types of contents: installed applications, passwords, images, videos, games, etc. We'll start by explaining how to make a copy of the most basic data of the device, such as installed applications, stored passwords, and other miscellaneous settings. To know if we have activated this possibility we will have to go to Settings -> Backup and Reset; From here we will check 4 options:

- Backup my Data:

Enabling this will make a frequent copy or with every change that we make in our mobile, as well as the passwords WiFi and the applications.

- Backup account:

It tells us under which account the backups are being made. By placing this same account on another device, the device will restore our saved data.

- Automatic restore:

Activating this will save any changes we make, such as uninstalling, installing or updating applications.

- Restore Factory Data:

Clicking this will delete all data from the phone

Sync with Google

In this way, we will already have a generic backup about the configuration and settings of our device, that does not include content such as calendar, mail, contacts, documents, photos, videos or information of people. If we want to continuously synchronize and save a backup of this data we can access our account from Settings -> Accounts -> Google, and choose the account. Then a list will appear where we can select which services we want to synchronize.
The elements that we can synchronize, i.e., have the same data in our cell phone and those that are stored in "the cloud" through different Google services. Attention should be paid to selecting Synchronize Calendar, Synchronize Contacts, Synchronize Application Data options. If we use the mail and file storage services in the cloud through Google, we will have to dial to sync Gmail and Drive too.
On this page, we also find the possibility to synchronize a wide range of services like Google Play Books, Google Play Newsstand, Google Play Movies, Google+ or Picasa Web Albums if we are users of these services is not a bad idea to activate the synchronization.
With this second synchronization adjustment, we only need to prepare the backup of our photos and videos to have the backup system of our Android complete.

Back up photos and videos

The above explained serves for all type of data of our device except our photos and our videos. To activate a backup for this kind of data, we will have to go to Settings -> Accounts -> Google -> Google+ -> Automatic Backup . Once here we will find the option to make a backup. Before doing this, however, it is preferable to check the configuration of the copy itself:

- Storage of backup copies

In "Photo size" we will have two options: Full size, in which the photos will be uploaded automatically in their real size unmodified or shortened and will be uploaded in our storage space of our Google Account. Or Standard Size, which will be uploaded In a maximum size of 2048 pixels and will not be counted in our storage space, so the space for these types of photos is unlimited.

- Configuring backups

In this section, where we can select how and when we want to make the copies. In the case of limited data rates, the most useful thing is to make copies "only when there is a WiFi connection available."
Also, if we do not usually go over the battery, we can mark that the backup is done only when the phone is plugged in, although this function is not valid if the load is being done by USB with a computer.

Backup games

The Android operating system also allows us to back up our games under the name of Cloud Save. By synchronizing, we can load the state in which we left a game regardless of the device if we enter into our account.
This is a novelty, and for this reason, there are few games that include this feature. Also, one of the advantages of being multiplatform. if the game is also allowed to sync. if we stop playing on a phone and want to continue on an iPad, a PC or a Mac (with a different operating system, IOS), the game will continue where we left it on the phone.

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