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How to Block Annoying Third Party Calls and SMS? A Guide for Android. IOS and Windows Phone

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Do you often receive calls from an unknown number or the phone are filled with entirely unnecessary SMS? Surely you know the situation.

How to Block Annoying Third Party Calls and SMS? A Guide for Android. IOS and Windows Phone

To forget all those annoyances, today we are going to detail in an easy way how to block calls and messages on the platforms Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

Block calls on Android

Depending on the platform version, you need to go to Settings / Call Settings / Reject call / Reject calls from / Add numbers. In this last section, it is possible to write the telephone number to be blocked.

You may also need to block calls from a private number. In this case in the Reject Calls section, just above the rejected numbers, you will find the Private Number option, you must dial it to say goodbye to the annoying calls of the unknown numbers.

Other methods are described correctly in the video tutorials below.

Android : How to Block or unblock Number in Samsung Galaxy S6

Top 5 Call Blocking Apps for Android - Free and Effective

How to block SMS on Android

Also, Android offers the option of temporarily blocking notifications from a contact, without resorting to the permanent lockout detailed above. This option is Do Not Disturb Mode, and for Android Lollipop, allows you to manually set how long you want to stop receiving call and SMS notifications.

Block calls on iOS

In the case of iPhone, you only have to add them to the blocked Contacts list as follows: go to Settings / Phone / Locked Contacts / Add new and here to enter the phone number to be blocked.

Block SMS on iOS

You can stop receiving SMS from an unknown number or a scheduled contact you need to go to Settings / Messages / Contacts blocked.

Just like on Android, you can turn on Do Not Disturb mode on iPhone. The steps to follow are very similar to Google: go to Settings / Do Not Disturb.

How to block calls and text messages in Windows Phone

The options on Windows Phone are more limited than on Android or iOS, in fact, if they decide to block a phone number, they will reject their calls and text messages at the same time. You will not have the option to choose one of two things.

If you still know this and decide to block a number, to do this, you have to follow these steps: Configuration / System / Call blocker, and at this point, you can choose a contact from the phonebook or enter a number manually.

Block calls and messages using apps

If the native methods of each operating system fail to convince them of the blocking task, an application may be the answer to the problem.

For example, the applications Call Blocker and True Caller are some of the most outstanding in the stores of Android and iOS.

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